Valery Garkalin talking about personal tragedy

Валерий Гаркалин заговорил о личной трагедии The popular actor said that he had to endure. Valery Garkalin has told that seven years ago passed away his wife. After that he started a black stripe.

      Валерий Гаркалин заговорил о личной трагедии

      Many celebrities have a hard time when their personal life to reveal in public. Especially hard for celebrities worried then, when you hit something really intimate, something that concerns people close to them.

      Participation in the program “the invisible Man” for the famous actor Valery Garkalin turned into a real surprise. Ambiguous and complex energy of the artist has confused the specialists in unusual phenomena all the cards, and print burning on his life shocked the experts. The fortuneteller Aida, shaman Dardo Cousteau and the magician a novel Fad that took part in the show, saw in the fate Garkalina terrible tragedy.

      Valery did not hide the difficult period in his life. The hero of the program told a leading Evelina Bledans that seven years ago, quite suddenly and without due cause the death of his beloved wife. It was at that period of his life, the actor started “breaking bad”: forgotten and completely not paying attention to the world around you, to your family. Also Garkalin has told about how he lives with such a heavy load on the heart and told why he refuses to marry a second time. These mysteries, all spectators will be able to find out in the next issue of the program.

      I must say that the entire career of Valeria Garkalina was not easy. Fame and success did not come easy to him. The popularity of talented artist came when Valery was well over thirty. Prior to that, he many years he worked in puppet theatre, then played on the stage. A fateful role was in the film Vladimir Menshov “Shirley Myrli”. The very next day after painting the Garkalin woke up famous. Also on the program Garkalin has told, than he had to pay for its popularity.

      It is worth noting that the show “the invisible Man” on TV-3 is one of the most provocative projects. For the past three years the experts – a shaman, magician, psychologist, criminologist, a fortune-teller and palmist – discover the secrets of stars who have something to hide. It is noteworthy that people with unusual abilities celebrities talk about literally everything, having only personal belongings of the artists. Think smart viewers saw almost everything, and it is already impossible to surprise. But the history of the new guest – people’s artist of Russia Valery Garkalin – touched even their hearts.

      The next edition of the show “the invisible Man” will be on 18 March at 19:00 on TV-3.

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