ДиКаприо поблагодарил жителей Якутии за «Оскар»

The actor has published in Instagram a picture of a statuette, which he sent from Russia.

Thank you to the people of Yakutia for this wonderful gift, especially all of the women who gathered and donated the materials that went into creating the statue. As they wrote in their letter, Yakutia is home to the coldest inhabited place not only in Russia, but also on Earth and the region is extremely vulnerable to climate change. Rising temperatures pose a major threat to its people, their way of life and their natural habitat. #Russia #ClimateChange #Earth In #Yakutia #ActOnClimate

Photos published Leonardo DiCaprio (@leonardodicaprio) Mar 17 2016 at 9:52 PDT

“Thanks to inhabitants of Yakutia for this wonderful gift, wrote Leo in the caption to the picture. – Especially – women who have sacrificed to create figurines of your jewels. As it is written in your letter, Yakutia is the coldest place not only in Russia but throughout the world. And your region is also vulnerable because of climate changes on the planet. Rising global temperatures threatens not only nature but also people, their way of life.”

For the precious metal for the Yakut Oscar overthrown the entire world. 150 fans of the actor donated their jewelry. In total, the statue took about one and a half pounds of silver and three grams of gold. Therefore, the figurine is called “Ella, looking at the stars,” in honor of the national hero – turned size as an Oscar, but silver and gold only cooran – national Yakut vessel for kumys that everything is holding instead of the “Oscar” of the sword.

Recall that the long-awaited “Oscar” DiCaprio won for the film “Survivors”, this actor was nominated for the most prestigious film awards of the world five times.

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