“Promise me I’ll die in your arms” — Maria Maksakova for the first time about the deceased husband

«Пообещай, что я умру в твоих руках» — Максакова впервые о погибшем муже The singer broke the silence and told reporters about his condition after the tragic death of the spouse. Maria Maksakova frankly admitted that it is very difficult to talk about the loved one who passed away recently.

      «Пообещай, что я умру в твоих руках» — Максакова впервые о погибшем муже

      Thursday, March 23, in the center of Kiev shot the former Deputy of the state Duma of the Russian Federation Denis Boronenkov, husband of Opera diva Maria Maksakova. The killer of a political figure died on the operating table. The woman, shocked, fainted on arrival at the scene of the crime. Immediately after that Maria Maksakova left, accompanied by guards. The tragic event caused a huge public outcry, as many have begun to encourage the actress to return to Russia, as well as to Express her sympathy with the loss of a loved one.

      Until recently, the singer grieving for her husband, refrained from talking to journalists. The release of the program “live”, released on Friday, March 24 showed the message Maksakova, in which she asked me to leave her alone. After some time, the actress decided to break the silence and spoke for the first time about how she is experiencing the death of a husband. The woman does not hide that it is very painful to talk on this subject. “In principle, if I could be there instead, I wouldn’t think so. Life without him is worse,” he told the star.

      The actress also talked about the word that the deceased husband could not restrain.

      “I asked him when to meet him beginning: “Denis, do me a favor, please, promise me that I will die in your hands.” He never promised,” shared Maria.
      «Пообещай, что я умру в твоих руках» — Максакова впервые о погибшем муже

      According to the singer, she does not know what to do next. The deceased husband was her one of the main goals in life. The woman says that Voronenkov truly loved her children and was willing to educate them.

      Currently, Maria is under enhanced protection, and carry it to the armored car. The star is sure: if Denis Boronenkov so guarded, things would be different. Speaking of who could have arranged the assassination of her husband, Maksakova pointed out, no plans to put forward any versions. The artist believes that the investigation should deal with law enforcement officers. Instead, the singer is going to focus on taking care of 11-month-old baby.

      As for the resonant statements of the mother, Maria, said he hasn’t spoken with her for a long time. The singer said that he did not know under what circumstances she has made such a statement.

      Maksakova also admitted that he wanted to bring the long-awaited son Ivan, together with her husband. She really wanted the boy learned much from his father. “As it is now to do with the words, I don’t know”, — quotes the singer “Medusa”.

      We will remind that Maria Maksakova, she married Denis Boronenkov in March 2015. Wedding of deputies of the state Duma of the Russian Federation became one of the most talked-about events of the time. From the couple seemed ideal. The actress did not hide her feelings for the spouse. “That’s my first love. Conscious and unconditional, which I don’t want to change,” admitted Maria.

      During a recent conversation with journalists Maksakova shared their views on the structure of marriage. “When husband and wife become told, one flesh, we should not think about other people and their actions. For its part, we must behave in a way that pleases the Lord God” — these words Maria commented on his departure on the territory of another country in the program “live”. In another interview, the singer reported that the family is one big life for two.

      “For example, before I couldn’t vouch for anyone to be able to trust someone like yourself. Maybe it has some high requirements I had, I don’t know… But I still waited for his Denis Nikolaevich, such as it is, it may be OK that the requirements were too high… I would never be able to marry without love,” shared the actress.

      Previously, the artist emphasized that to marry for love is a great happiness, and thanked God for the opportunity. “I understand that you are in a very small percentage of women on the earth, experiencing consciously and happily these feelings. Remaining unmarried until age 37, I’ve accepted the fact that I hardly meet a man with whom she wanted to spend the rest of his days,” explained the singer.

      The woman was sure that her husband was fate. As it turned out, ten years ago, mutual friends advised Denis Voronenkov to meet Opera diva. The environment is a political figure and artist could not fail to notice their striking similarities. “We went to the same place, bought groceries at the same shops, some hotels stayed in, even the fish were taken from one trader Dorogomilovsky market..” — said Maria. Maksakova also said that her husband was the best thing that ever happened to her. With him, the artist felt like a stone wall. “It’s very important to feel for a husband, security, protected,” she said.

      In recognition of the singer meeting her future husband changed her Outlook on life.

      “I never wanted to start a family, but there was Dennis, all my prejudices faded away. And in 15 minutes I realized that I had met a man who fell in love for spiritual qualities,” admitted Maria.

      The material is written using the materials of the journal “Atmosphere”, “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and TV-channel TVC.