Daughter Poroshina and Kutsenko moved to boyfriend

Дочь Порошиной и Куценко переехала к бойфренду She decided to start an independent life. Last year, Polina Kutsenko introduced the choice with the parents, and later moved to the young man. Parents are delighted with darling daughter and approve of their relationship.

      21-year-old daughter of the actors Maria Poroshina and Gosha Kutsenko Polina this year graduated from the theatrical Institute. The girl is not only committed to a successful career, but successful and happy personal life. Last year the girl was acquainted with the parents by choice, and recently began living together with her boyfriend.

      Maria Poroshina admits that her daughter has long aspired to independence and wanted to move out of my parent’s house. But then the actress was against the idea of the heiress, and felt that she is too young for adult life. Poroshina remembered that Pauline could not come home for a few days, and recently when mom went on tour, moved to the chosen one.

      “Once remarked that Polinkina things in the house is almost gone. The daughter said, “Moved slowly. And that every time to call for another change? Rehearsals end at eleven. Until you go home – the night”. Of course, I know all these tricks and tweaks, too, was young. But, in principle, not opposed to guys met,” says Poroshina.

      The actress is happy with the choice of his daughter. Maria said that the elect Pauline – Director. She was glad that the young man older than her successor. Poroshina believes that working in one area makes them more cohesive and a few hopes that maybe they will be able to create a joint project.

      Maria Poroshina admits that, like any girl, Pauline dreams about her wedding day. Now, however, the young actress focused on a career. Maria does not know whether the couple is planning to soon have children, but believes that it is not necessary to postpone motherhood indefinitely. Moreover, the girl used to look after the kids – she has three younger sisters – Seraphim, Agrippina and Glafira.

      “Of course, Pauline realizes that parenting involves constant effort, sleepless nights, but it does not scare me. She now works in this mode! While the daughter was configured for a career, wants to try in the theatre, but he knows what it means to give of yourself to loved ones. And whether she has children will tell life,” Maria confessed in an interview with the magazine “Caravan of stories”.