Prokhor Shalyapin does not believe in the pregnancy Anna Kalashnikova

Прохор Шаляпин не верит в беременность  Анны Калашниковой

Since the scandalous breakup of the singer Prokhor Chaliapin and his beloved fashion models Anna Kalashnikova it’s been a year, but she no-no, and remember in his interview, the man who almost became her husband.

Himself Prokhor tries not to talk about Anna and her interest in his person does not understand, but unlike Chaliapin, Kalashnikov all the time “dragging it in any intrigue”.
“I don’t understand why Anna can’t do without me in the press, constantly dragging my name in some stories. Now here’s the news of pregnancy. I do not believe. I believe that there is no baby, and even if we see her with a big belly, she will claim that she suffered a miscarriage. It’s more like a well-planned concert program. Personally, I in what do not believe!” — categorically stated Prokhorov.
According to sources close to Anna (in other words, the information emanating from it the most), Prochorus build serious plans with the model and planned to forget old grievances, but suddenly came a rich boyfriend, who began to ply the model with expensive gifts. After learning that Anna has a car for 20 million rubles, donated by the rich man, Prochorus departed.
Anna said that with a new Beau met.. on the phone when he was in the hospital after surgery for breast augmentation. Supposedly she was just looking for a new car when she called and said she could pick up his car.
Arriving at the address to the salon, Kalashnikov saw his dream car — a Range Rover, decorated with baubles and bows, and the driver’s seat was a box of chocolates and a bouquet of her favorite white roses.
“I learned the name of the person who did me such a surprise, he wrote a message. Since then we never parted” — shared his happiness Kalashnikov.