Прохор Шаляпин провел ночь с Ларисой Копенкиной The former couple was noticed walking along the beach in Sochi. Moreover, Larisa Kopenkina spent time in the room of the artist. “StarHit” managed to connect with businesswomen and learn how she came to be in the company of ex-lover.

Recently in the Internet appeared the frames from the hot Sochi Loo, where paparazzi captured the singer Prokhor Chaliapin with ex-wife Larissa Kopenkina. The pair strolled along the beach and, according to campers, not for the first time appeared in public. Eyewitnesses claim that Larisa and Prochorus reunited. Even seen them together at the hotel.

Fan sleeps with Chaliapin in the same hotel, told reporters that the recent to the artist in Sochi flew mom. When the woman saw her son with ex-wife, offended and returned to Volgograd.

“StarHit” managed to contact Larissa. Businesswoman admitted that she had been much surprised at the rumors that had spread.

“Every time I come back from vacation, something happens that said celebrity is “StarHit”. – I’m not going to answer anything. I first need to see what they say about me and write. Even the gift of speech is lost!”

Meanwhile, the journalists managed to find out some things about the relationship of former spouses. Prokhor Chaliapin hastened to tell what had happened. According to star, Larisa arrived in Sochi to male, but quarreled with him. And Prokhorov just did not want to leave her in the lurch.

On vacation in Sochi Prokhor Chaliapin spends time very actively. He rides on yachts, sports, visiting local attractions. Singer even compared Russian South Bali and appreciate its beauty. On Instagram the artist is actively throws off the photo on the background of the azure sea and shares his impressions about each day. “Refused lounger and swimming pool just only the stones and the sea”, “was in a fabulous area of Krasnodar territory in Its part of the mountain ridge, cut by the course of the river Khosta – Navalyshynsky gorge” – writes in the blog Prokhorov.

We will remind, the graduate of “factory of stars” divorced with Larissa Kopenkina, when had an affair with Anna Kalashnikova. Last year he even almost married the girl. The triumph was upset when the actor learned that his lover gave birth to a son Danya from him.

Anna Kalashnikova lost the baby

Free heart Prochorus now unknown. In the program Andrei Malakhov “Let them talk”, he admitted that he wants to find a girl with looks Kalashnikova and mind Kopenkina. Perhaps now he realized that the most important thing in the beloved soul, and decided to renew past relationships. A couple of days ago in the blog of the singer appeared significant entry: “Looking back, you realize how many unnecessary words were said to the wrong people”.