Павла Табакова заподозрили в связи с актрисой сериала «Мамочки» The heir to the well-known names attributed to the new craze. Users of social networks noticed that Pavel Tabakov spends time with Ksenia Zueva. Young people do not hide their warm attitude to each other, but not in a hurry to announce the novel, leaving followers confused.
Павла Табакова заподозрили в связи с актрисой сериала «Мамочки»

21-year-old Pavel Tabakov not among the actors who are willing to share with the public details of his personal life. Recently in a press there was an information that the young man went with his colleague Mary St. Thomas. The young people themselves did not declare publicly about their breakup, making it clear that they did not plan to comment on this topic.

Recently, the heir to the well-known names intrigued fans with a joint photo with 27-year-old Director and actress Ksenia Zueva, known for its participation in the TV series “Moms”. The girl appeared in stories Tabakov. Followers of Paul assumed his heart again occupied. Moreover, in the “instagrame” the supposed chosen one artist a frame in the signature to which the actress shared her feelings for the young man. But Xenia did not disclose all the cards, so users of the Internet we can only guess whether it is about the friendship between artists or they really are.

“My little Prince”, wrote in microblogging Zueva.
Павла Табакова заподозрили в связи с актрисой сериала «Мамочки»

The most attentive followers of Xenia and Paul noticed that she left an eloquent comment under one of his recent photos. “My cat,” said Zueva.

Later Pavlo Tabakov published a post dedicated to the actress.

“I’m your godfather, you’re my godfather, the two of us, one to the head trouble,” wrote the actor on Instagram.

Earlier in an interview with Marina Zudina, mother of Pavel Tabakov, revealed the truth about his alleged numerous Affairs. The woman admitted that her son often credited with a variety of Hobbies. Every time a young person goes out with a member of the opposite sex, immediately there were rumors about his next alleged beloved. Paul himself prefers not to respond to such speculation.

According to Suginoi, its successor unpleasant gossip about his relations with girls. As noted by Marina Vyacheslavovna, Paul easily enough found common language with peers, and he has many friends. The actress also stressed that he does understand the son.

Recall that the information about the separation of Pavel Tabakov and Maroussi Fomina appeared at the end of may. “StarHit” contacted the young artist, but she refused a direct answer to the question about his relationship with a colleague. “If people have something to discuss, then why deprive them of such a possibility? And well we all or bad is a personal story, only two. May the people not lose the ability to discuss something, they are so boring live that let them have a topic for discussion,” said Mary.