Состоятельный друг Анастасии Волочковой позвал ее замуж The ballerina, who is now on tour in the Crimea, shared with reporters the good news. As it became known to correspondents, Anastasia Volochkova received an offer of marriage. One of the friends actress confessed my love for her.

Ballerina Anastasia Volochkova is one of the most enviable brides of the Russian show-business. The artist regularly attributed to different novels, but she prefers not to discuss personal life, wanting to leave the secret of its details from the public. Recently, reporters learned that marital status Volochkova may change in the near future.

According to the correspondent, Anastasia has made an offer hands and hearts on the road. According to representatives of the media, a mysterious chosen one Volochkova – imposing man, with whom she communicates in several years. He called the married actress after her performance in Feodosia. Happy celebrity did not hide emotions during conversation with journalists. Anastasia admits that impressed with the act of a friend.

“It was so unexpected! And insanely beautiful. You know, I have said many times: for me it’s not nice words or the volume name and deeds. This man has done for me an incredible feat: he dropped everything and flew to Crimea specifically in order to watch my performance” – shared star.

According to the information which was available to journalists admirer Volochkova – a successful entrepreneur, involved in the hotel business. A man two years older than Anastasia and was never officially married. For the first time about his feelings for the ballerina he spoke only a few months ago. So Volochkova will take time to ponder, to agree or not.

“Such decisions in a single day are not accepted. Moreover, his proposal caught me by surprise. To this I was completely not ready,” – says celebrity.

It is possible that Anastasia Volochkova will give the answer the businessman, when going back to Moscow. In the nearest plans of celebrities – further improvement of its luxurious mansion. Not so long ago, workers took over the facade of the star. In recognition of the artist, each repair for her special event. It was during this period, Anastasia, as a rule, changes occur in his personal life. “It’s already proven several times”, – said Volochkova in an interview with Woman’s Style, adding that he has no plans to rush completion of the beautification of the property.