SK dealing with a case of blackmail and beatings in Moscow special school

СК разбирается с делом о шантаже и избиениях в московской спецшколе The staff of the training institutions closed “Chance” wrote a letter “a Cry for help!” one of the revisions, which States that two teenagers beat up other kids and actually ran the Agency.
СК разбирается с делом о шантаже и избиениях в московской спецшколе

In the South of Moscow runs a special school “Chance”, the pupils of which are teenagers between 11 to 18 years, convicted in any Criminal code. The institution itself is under the control of the Department of education and social protection of population of Moscow. As a rule, the decision on enrolment of a child made by the court. To the editor of one of the publications received a letter from the staff of the SEI, which States that “in fact the school runs one of the underage students,” and the newly appointed Director Cyril Kubarev rarely appears in the workplace.

The appeal refers to the fact that two students holding at Bay the rest of the children, extort money from them and beaten. According to the letter, the school led by Mikhail Alekseev and Andrei Karpin (names have been changed). The first of these is learning to “Chance” in 2015. Reportedly, he’s getting out soon on PAROLE, the article guy is not disclosed. According to a former employee of an institution Gulnara Krivonogova, Michael, “a very angry boy who can anyone to send, to humiliate and insult”. She refused to work with him, because I wasn’t in school, and in jail.

According to the rules of “Chance” all students go to the family for the weekend. The document says that after the Saturday and Sunday, students should bring Alekseev and Carpino gifts or money. Otherwise they can break. Reportedly, now the school has 14 children. Tribute for the use of a mobile phone – a thousand rubles.

“On graduation the son came up to me and asked me to give him money, otherwise he is dead” — said the mother of one of the disciples, which gave Alekseev and Carpino over 10 thousand rubles.
СК разбирается с делом о шантаже и избиениях в московской спецшколе

According to women for the last three months, the 12 students of the school received 17 serious injuries, including fractures of the skull, nose, broken teeth and injured limbs. Gulnara has confirmed that some children were taken to health facilities.

“He could even not say anything, just walked into a room and the condition of the guys immediately changed. I heard that two boys were in the hospital, but do not know the details – I was already retired,” said Krivonogova.

Students do not complain, because the school is “their idea”. The Director of closed institutions Kirill Kubarev does not communicate with journalists. In the Chapter “Chance” stood Natalia, Wisner. She was fired after December 2016-th year students of the school in protest against the brutal treatment of the guards locked in the office.

Earlier Kubarev was the Deputy Director for educational-methodical work in the economic and technological College № 22. According to the data posted on the website of the Moscow Department of education, teacher education Director no. In a letter to employees said that on June 19 Kirill talked with students being drunk.

Recently, the school was raided. Head of the Department of labour and social protection of population of Moscow Vladimir Petrosyan noted that the situation controls the Investigative Committee, however, but a criminal case had been initiated, as there is no indication of extortion of money and beatings from students.

The HRC has already held several meetings on this topic. As reported in the Village, Alekseev is on the run, and Karpin arrested and is in jail.

“The conflicts that occur in this school, is the conflict on the submarine, that is in a confined space where you cannot move her arms. The smaller the team, the more difficult it relationships. I also noticed that the children live and study in very close quarters. So they feel comfortable, the yard must be at least two times more”, – told journalists the Andrei Babushkin, member of Expert Council under Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation.