Прохор Шаляпин стал садоводом

The singer changed the microphone on the watering can and hoe

Everyone experiences separation from loved ones in their own way. Someone goes head first into work, someone pours soul friends, someone leaves at the end of the world to remain with their thoughts alone. Prokhor Chaliapin, terminated the engagement with Anna Kalashnikova because of infidelity, found solace in the colors and the beds.

On his page, the singer posted a picture where he is in a silk robe with a mysteriously deep cleavage is watering the flowers. In the other hand, the artist skillfully keeps the hoe. In his eyes the determination to go to fight weeds. This frame Prokhor simply signed “In the garden…”. The location is Nikolina Gora, Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway. Fans Chaliapin began to wonder, for whose roses in an expensive area of Moscow suburbs so tenderly caring for their pet? Maybe a new novel? The appearance of the singer, is not quite appropriate to the situation, his fans did not surprised. Like u he as a gentleman, caring for his garden. Hence, silk robe and styling.

And while she learns the basics of gardening, his frustrated wife Anna Kalashnikova wins the festival in 2016. In long sexy dress and with a diadem on the head girl walked down the red carpet and even managed to take a picture with Vyacheslav Fetisov. She seems to take in hands a rake and change the studs on the overshoes is not going to.

Meanwhile, the ex-wife of Prokhor Larissa Kopenkina, of course, argues in social networks about a simple female happiness and perishability of life.

“How nice that the rain comes, it will wash away all that we don’t need . See the rainbow again, everything in our life to be possible! Friends, smiles, joy, laughter, life is wonderful, beautiful. And next to those who need, and falsehood will disappear forever. As well, there are those who substitute you can’t, the words will not leave in the void, they must answer for it too. As well, we can forgive all those who hurt and to live with no memory of all offense, and Wake up carefree. As well, this morning we suddenly realize – life is beautiful. And in this moment realize that happiness lives in your heart. With a smile the day we meet and believe in fairy tales, like children. And let the storm thunders now , but the sun will be at dawn. As well see the world, it is very different as people. You will not offend the only one who needs and the one who loves. As well, our life in it forgives our mistakes, you smile and let go, get away from those who you once. As well after rain, a rainbow you will see, and suddenly at that moment you realize that life is so beautiful around!”.

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