Галкин в шоу нарушил ПДД, а зрители заметили и требуют штраф

The broadcaster violated the traffic rules.

Maxim Galkin can prosecute. Reason – violation of the rules of the road. A complaint against the actor wrote a resident of the city of Kemerovo, saying that the law is the same for all. And they say our citizens are inactive!

The angry appeal of the inhabitant of the Kemerovo Maria had left on the enforcement portal of Kuzbass in section “Mobile patrol”.

“18.06.2016 years in the First channel left the program “Maximmaxim”. In one of the episodes of the program Maxim Galkin on the Range Rover rides on Moscow along with the singer Yegor Creed. And the shot they are not wearing seat belts. That is, celebrities can and do not care about traffic for the filming of the program? The traffic police are not interested? Or public personalities make concessions in the legislation? Please check on this fact and to bring offenders to justice.”

Note that ride on the capital unfastened, Maxim Galkin violated the traffic rules paragraphs 2.1.2 and 5.1, which States that the driver of any vehicle when driving must wear seatbelts, and be transported only belted occupants. Not to have a right seat instructor while learning driving, when operated to transport the student. And operational service on a vehicle which is coated with special graphic signs. The employees of operative services Galkin and creed are not similar. I doubt whether the Maxim show taught Yegor driving.

According to the law for unfastened seat belt violator faces a fine of 1000 rubles. However, can the video recording of such violation, even if shown through the Central channel, to be evidence in court, the big question. And it is unlikely the authorities of Kuzbas will deal with the violation committed in Moscow.

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