Кольцо из «Холостяка» с 18 бриллиантами разыграют между фанатами

As Alexey Vorobyov at the end of the show nobody gave a treasured ring, he decided to give the viewers.

The final episode of the fourth season of the show “the Bachelor” will be remembered by the audience for a long time. For the first time in the history of the program, its character has not chosen a companion. But according to the rules of the project, the bachelor was handing a diamond ring one of the girls that liked him the most. However, Alexei Vorobyov held in the hands of treasured box with decoration, turned, thought and put it in his pocket. He decided that these feelings did not arise neither with one of the girls, and therefore why cheat yourself and the audience, because the relationship outside of the project in this case, it is doomed.

And that’s really the third week of tense conversations about why and why made this decision Alexey Vorobyov. And the creators of the show, meanwhile, was wondering where to put the remaining diamond ring. Why waste expensive dyeing. Invented!

Channel TNT and jewelry brand Valtera, author of the ring, decided to play it out among the spectators show “the Bachelor.” To get a decoration, you need to create a photo collage on the topic “My love”, share it on social networks and interesting to tell the story of your love. Read more about the rules of the contest can be found on the official page of the company Valtera “Vkontakte” – http://vk.com/valtera_jewelry.

The winners will be announced July 11! The main prize, as you know, ring Valtera and professional photo shoot couples in love. The other 20 finalists will be awarded gift certificates for 3000 and 1500 rubles.

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