Осторожно, спойлер: что произойдет в новой серии «Ледникового периода»?

While Manny gives his daughter in marriage, and Led suffers from unrequited love, the irrepressible scrat continues acorn chase and provokes a network of cosmic events. In anticipation of an interchange on the screens to pass the time with games based on the upcoming film.

It seems that there is not a child nor an adult, which would not be delighted by the resourceful heroes of the animated Saga, “Ice age”. The first cartoon was released almost 15 years ago, and during that time his characters have a real family. The new adventures of Ice age: a Collision is imminent” starts 14 July – a good excuse to get out to the cinema with the whole family and relive exciting moments, especially this year’s events unfold truly cosmic scale.

Blame Skrat

The prehistoric squirrel scrat in the new series of cartoon re-runs for the acorn, and the quest for the cherished goal lead it right into space. One wrong move and the planet begin to have an impact on the Earth and on the familiar landscape of the Ice age. So, the shift of the moon with the appropriate space led to the change of tides, storm from Jupiter became the source of electrical storm, after which all the members of the herd, the hair literally stood on end from the static electricity. Finally, fallen meteorites can cause the Big Bang. All of this disrupts the way of life of the main characters of the film. Although it should be noted that their peace disturbed and personal disorders: Manny wants to give his grown daughter Peaches married, Francine rejected Sid, saber-toothed tiger Diego dreams of becoming a father, but faces the resistance of his wife. In short, everything like a real adult. Amid this stress, cosmic catastrophe, forces the heroes to escape.

Emerald Kingdom

Find a safe place you bring friends to a place of falling of an asteroid is a celestial body punched a hole in the ground the size of a stadium, and inside the crater. It turned out to be a real space, known as Geotopia. Inside Manny, Diego, Sid and other characters will encounter the luxurious Kingdom in the emerald colors, inhabited by unusual creatures. Crystal wall protects inhabitants of Geotopia from any negative natural phenomena. Moreover, even the time has stopped here. What will happen to your favorite cartoon characters next and how they will cope with their problems, you learn very soon in all cinemas of the country. Meanwhile, the interest in premiere of “Ice age: a Collision is unavoidable, you can warm up by playing two exciting games.

Travel to the dungeon

The scenario of the game “Race with the Mets Led, along with his herd goes to the dungeon, but faced with difficult circumstances – the land out at them from under his feet. Pressing the space bar, you help not to fall into the abyss and escape from the falling meteors. Through the game you will be able to test their skill and at the same time inspired adventure based on the new cartoon series.

In the game “Crystals” romantic Led collects gems for his beloved Brooke, then to choose a gift the most beautiful of them. Guiding arrows on the crystals, you help sid to shoot down the gems and to add to my collection. Be careful to move only those crystals that do not hold myself to others, otherwise the whole wall will collapse. The game based on the famous “Jenga” develops precision, logic, and just helps to pass the time any member of the family. Needless to say that both games have no age restrictions and will appeal to kids and their parents.

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