Блудный сын: почему борьба Мадонны за ребенка закончилась провалом After three months of litigation, the singer gave her ex-husband custody of 15-year-old Rocco. The young man, who lives in London with his father, Director guy Ritchie, are not too willing to personal contact with the mother. The singer tried to take the boy back to America and only recently confessed to friends that “lost son”.

      Блудный сын: почему борьба Мадонны за ребенка закончилась провалом

      Within the new Zealand part of the tour Rebel Heart – “Rebel heart” on March 4, Madonna came on stage in Auckland. Sitting on a scarlet cloth draped stage, 57-year-old singer told the audience: “there is No love stronger than a mother’s love for her son. When I talk about my boy, can’t always hold back the tears, so it’s best to sing for him. I hope that somewhere far away he hears and understands how much I miss you”.

      The song, which was mentioned, was La Vie en Rose from Edith Piaf’s repertoire. “His eyes as a kiss, a laugh hiding in the corners of the mouth, sang Madonna. – So looks like without retouching of the man to whom I belong”. It’s hard to say what caused the singer to choose for teenage son such a controversial message, but it is known that it is perhaps the only way to send a message. Rocco, who lives in London with his father, Director guy Ritchie, are not too willing to personal contact with the mother. The singer tried to take the boy back to America and only recently confessed to friends that “lost son”.

      Escape plan

      The story began in early September of last year, when the tour started, in which Rocco went with his mother, obviously, not quite voluntarily. “Almost every day they were fighting like mad, with tears and cries”, – eyewitnesses testified. In the middle of November at Stockholm airport the guy ran away the first time – ran away aimlessly, just to keep away from mommy. Madonna had to delay the departure until his capture.

      Блудный сын: почему борьба Мадонны за ребенка закончилась провалом

      The second escape took place in London in early December, but this time Rocco acted more intelligently. Before he returned, the boy on the chaise reached his father’s house and asked guy Ritchie to give him sanctuary. When Madonna, on a place of firing have missed Rocco the bodyguard, came to her son, guy flatly denied it.

      A break in the tour, the singer used not for recreation, but to stay in a new York court. The judge told her that Rocco already too old to be chasing between parents like a ball, without asking consent. But decided that the guy must go home at Christmas to personally settle a family dispute. No Rocco for Christmas Madonna in new York did not wait. But she had been contacted by lawyers for the guy, “Your son has made it clear that it no longer intends to live with you under one roof, to meet or speak”.

      Блудный сын: почему борьба Мадонны за ребенка закончилась провалом

      Kids in a cage

      The singer decided that Richie was setting up for years the boy against her, pushed to revolt, playing the role of a kind, understanding daddy with a strict and domineering mother. “For children I am inexhaustible and probably boring the source of questions like “have you learned”, “what are you wearing” and “why would you eat that,” confessed Madonna. – But I not as strict as I should be. Every day in my house is disputes, negotiations and trade”.

      “The guy had nothing to do with, say close to the family of the Director sources. – Rocco long ago tired of the mother drags him all over the world, monitors every step and handles more like a trophy, not as a person. He didn’t run away earlier because the elder sister Lourdes had his back. She’s a strong and strong-willed girl who is not afraid to tell Madonna “no” in the face and can insist on his own. The other is Rocco, he’s a clown, not a fighter. When my sister moved into the University dormitory, all the power of the dictates of the parent fell on him, and he quickly broke”.

      Deciding to answer the propaganda on propaganda, Madonna began to publish in social networks photos nostalgic with my son, signing them with phrases like: “Even a steel heart can be broken”. In response, Rocco first banned it, and then deleted all their pages. After that the singer could watch him only from photographs in the press, shuddering with fear and anger. With the connivance of father Rocco shaved long hair almost at zero, was similar to the juvenile recidivist, started Smoking and hanging around in suspicious places in the company of questionable people. Seeing the first photo of the son with a cigarette, Madonna London hired a private investigator to follow Rocco and gathered her material for guy Ritchie’s allegations of parental negligence.

      “There was exactly what she was afraid of, – say sources from its environment. – In the house of the guy there are no rules or regime. In February, he still wrote Rocco to school, allowing him to dawdle and look for adventure in different places. Right now when a teen rebel, daddy needs a firm hand to direct his energy in a peaceful direction. And the guy looks at everything through your fingers, and how could he take the time to raising Rocco, if he has a job, a wife and three small children?”

      The taste of defeat

      In early March, the compromising evidence was presented at trial. Neither Madonna nor guy were not present in the hall personally, but listened to the talks of lawyers on the phone. For sure the guy liked the moment, when the lawyer of the singer has demanded to arrest him for what he allowed his son to ignore the first decree of the court is about returning to new York for Christmas.

      “What benefits can bring to the child’s father, who teaches him that to comply with the law optional?” – asked the lawyer. The judge offered to spare her children’s requests and to talk about substance. Essentially it turned out that Rocco goes to school that he likes, gets along well with her stepmother Jackie ainsley and helps her take care of the kids.

      “The child leads a life that meets his notions of stability, well-being and comfort, – the court ruled. And no one has the right to deprive him of that. So at the moment everything will remain as is.”

      Defeated Madonna asked only one guarantee that is at least sometimes to see the son. But they could only give himself Rocco. As a guy, viluchavsya about themselves during the conflict a lot of interesting, with the singer no longer talks, she contacted the son via Lourdes. The girl loves the mother and wants to protect her from naklevyvaniya of a nervous breakdown, but the arguments of her brother close to my heart because at his age, too, she almost ran away to live with her father, fitness trainer Carlos Leon. “Lourdes has persuaded Rocco to first call my mother, say relatives. – Provided that both will control myself. Madonna promised not to lift his son, to give him more freedom if he agrees to take her some time”.

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