Анна Хилькевич померяется бицепсами с Настасьей Самбурской TV stars compete to see who is the most athletic. Anna Khilkevich announced that it was launching a new training program to acquire the same inflated figure, as Nastasya Samburski.

      Анна Хилькевич померяется бицепсами с Настасьей Самбурской

      One star of TV series “Univer” challenged another. Anna Khilkevich wants to surpass athletic training Nastasya Samburski. The performer of the role of Masha Belova sure that it will be able to pump so that Samburski, with her athletic figure, and never dreamed of.

      “I continue to sharpen my figure, on the way to the clinic to learn a new training program tomorrow will start to pump your triceps, biceps and quadriceps. Samburski, be afraid!”, – made a publication in his Instagram Khilkevich.

      Анна Хилькевич померяется бицепсами с Настасьей Самбурской

      Nastasia, recall, spends many hours in the gym, bringing your shape to perfection. The actress not only boasts a toned figure, but also muscle definition. Biceps and six-pack abs Samburski get her fans excited and make the detractors protest. They say it’s not beautiful, and “pumped” body Natalia reminds more of a male. The girl with the humour relates to the situation and does not cease to play sports.

      Specially for those who asked her advice on nutrition and exercise, Samburski started a thematic social network pages. On it she says that eats like trains, what results reaches. So, Samburski recently advised subscribers cardio on the elliptical trainer. The actress says that this is the best way to get rid of fat. To achieve effective result you need to do for 40 minutes a day. Another girl recommended to fans of tasty and healthy food – cottage cheese with oat bran and berries. And presented his new purchase – Chia seeds – urging to share the experience of their use.

      Анна Хилькевич померяется бицепсами с Настасьей Самбурской

      Unlike colleagues, Anna Khilkevich does not give sports tips and swinging just as hard as Samburski. Khilkevich recently posted on Instagram a picture of yourself, sleeping in the gym, with the caption: “advice to young mothers – tell everybody that you go to the hall, and there lie down to sleep.” However, Anna can be proud of. After in December the actress gave birth to a daughter Arianna, Khilkevich quickly came back in good shape by going to the right diet and starting to exercise. Within just two months she lost over ten pounds. Her main motivator for doing fast were shooting a new season of “Uni”. “I have to lead myself into such form that Yarushin with Cousin said: “Mother, you’re a woman-fire!”, – wrote in his microblog TV star.

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