Participants “Houses-2” passed the creative exam “excellent”

Участники «Дома-2» сдали творческий экзамен на «отлично» Heroes of the reality show showed his teachers from acting School, what they can do. Those were extremely satisfied, because the young people of the “House-2” was extremely talented people, grasping everything on the fly.

      Участники «Дома-2» сдали творческий экзамен на «отлично»

      Most popular construction in the country, in the cafe “City of love”, was a concert which showed what he had learned the heroes of reality. Because now they are not only residents of the project “Dom-2”, but also students of the acting School. During the classes with highly qualified teachers “damouzy” mastered the art of sketches and incarnations, and learned how to dance. Your knowledge and skills students demonstrated to each other and the teachers. As a result no one is left indifferent to the performances of TV stars.

      Dancing the guys helped to set dancing teacher and plastic Natalia Buchan, the actor said Dashuk-Nigmatullin has helped the project to remember his childhood, and the former husband of Anastasia Stotskaya actor Alexei Sekirin gave young people the opportunity to dream up plenty. Under his leadership, students can realize any creative vision.

      After the concert, the teachers were genuinely happy for their pupils. They not only showed significant progress in learning, but also showed in which direction should work with their mentors on. “Well done guys. All I can see positive developments. Not to say that everything went smoothly, but it was interesting, I’m happy with my group! Also I can notice Nicholas and Sasha Kharitonov. Nicholas was a discovery for me, and Sasha are pleasantly surprised”, – shared her emotions said Dashuk-Nigmatulin.

      Участники «Дома-2» сдали творческий экзамен на «отлично»

      In the great delight of their students is and Alexey Sekirin. “I was surprised and pleased it is the desire of participants to learn and to achieve something. Despite the fact that spending time teaching us quite a bit, the guys at the reporting concert gave good results. And a couple of sketches actually gave me great pride,” says the actor.

      Participant of “House-2” Alexander Kharitonov admitted that the school just changed her mind. “This is a real macrocosm in the microcosm in which we have to live on the project. It’s expression, emotions, feelings. For me, a lot of guys opened up a new way. Dance and movement – necessary lessons for us. First, it is grace. Secondly, sports… For me the best study showed Sasha Artemova – she applauded,” said the girl.

      According to Natalia, Bican, participants learned the TV show toughest classics for only five days. Under the guidance of actress and teacher for dance and movement they had to put the “dance of the knights” from Sergei Prokofiev’s ballet “Romeo and Juliet”. Usually put it in the second year of University, this room is not for beginners. But young people from “House-2” was able to cope with such a challenge and was struck by their teacher. “In this dance there is a grandeur, belligerence, Paphos. And this, too, had to remember. During the dance I offered each couple (and it’s not a pair of the TV show, this is pair of participants) to come up with their emotions and their eyes. They won me over because he managed to play an incredible tension. In General, guys are trying hard, and I’m proud of them!”, commented Mr. Bichan.

      We will remind, the acting classes the boys began in mid-March. Earlier it was reported that the first semester in the television school will last through June, and its most promising students will get their first role. Director of educational project “House-2” became the honored worker of arts, film Director Dmitri Astrakhan, who worked on 27 movies, including such films as “the Yellow dwarf”, “You are my only one”, “the Alchemist”. Especially Astrachan likes to shoot a psychological drama. He also produced over 40 theatrical productions in Russia and abroad, and starred in 16 films. One of the most famous works of Astrakhan – Leonid Friedman’s role in the film “Vysotsky. Thank God I’m alive”.

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