Супруга Андрея Чуева объяснила, почему они не разводятся Marina Afrikantov in delight from the wife of the elect. Bride Andrey Chuev and his wife Tatiana Chiosa met in Dubai, has managed to find a common language, and the participant “Houses-2” has made a very unexpected conclusions for themselves.

      Супруга Андрея Чуева объяснила, почему они не разводятся

      Participant of “House-2” Marina Afrikantov these days is in the United Arab Emirates, where I went to meet with the wife of the elect Andrey Chuev. Marina can not decide whether she marry him. Besides the fact that he laughed at her during the wedding ceremony in Seychelles, refusing to take Marina as his wife, he has a more grievous burdens, not giving him the right to marry. Chuev still married to the mother of his daughter Tatyana Kiose, and Afrikantov she decided to figure it out, will Tanya let go of her ex on all four sides, or is it some types.

      Contrary to the expectations of the participants “House-2”, the wife of Andrey Chuev was a very sweet young woman. She found the time to meet with Marina and her mother, the ladies chatted, making each other a very good impression. Tatiana explained the future potential spouse of the father to his daughter that their marriage with Chevys not terminated just because it can be done only in Russia, but they are both already long time are abroad. Tatyana is assured that if Andrey is ready to undertake the paperwork, she with pleasure will sign them. Especially because we already established personal life.

      However, the wedding participants “House-2” after a trip to Dubai Marina proved to be an even bigger issue than before. She realized that Cueva light a wedge has not converged.

      “Tatiana became friends, she was very friendly, we did not expect, – reported in the microblog Afrikantov about the meeting with the wife of his choice. We probably talked about everything and realized the most important thing! And without Chueva you can live. In the end, on it light a wedge has not converged!”

      It is not excluded that Marina Afrikantov, which is simply the epitome of forgiveness, returning from the United Arab Emirates, is going to send his groom into retirement. At least, that the participant “Houses-2” asking the subscribers to its microblog, saying that such a clever and beautiful as she is, deserves a much better man. No one is willing to pick up expressions, giving the characteristics of Andrew Cueva, which, by the way, last year managed to win the title of Man of the year on the project “Dom-2” and receive a gift of an apartment in Moscow.

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