Принцессы цирка: самые бесстрашные укротительницы хищников Working with wild animals is a dangerous business, not every man will dare to take this risk. “StarHit” found the most fearless of the fairer sex.


    Принцессы цирка: самые бесстрашные укротительницы хищников

    The circus bird flew, she flew right in front of the leopard Bootie, remembers 4 8-year-old woman Yulia Filatova. – I was holding his leash, he ran after her and dragged me through the entire arena. Then escaped with a broken heel. The only serious injury he received from a bear. As planned by the room he was getting out of the box, the assistant made a mistake – put the wrong predator, he had to go on my back, and we are faced nose to nose. Had to fight to expand it. The bear tore my face and head. Sounds scary. But, fortunately, I have a high pain threshold. So I adjusted the wig, covering them with bruises. And later just treated the wounds with hydrogen peroxide and forgot about it: scars are not a dog”.

    Julia – representative circus dynasty Filatov. In 1836 the Governor of Nizhniy Novgorod issued a permit “to work in the market square Filat, the leader with a bear, and his wife, the servant of the apes”. To continue the work of ancestors help her husband Andrew, children Nastya and Misha. I live in Moscow, but tours all over the world. In their troupe 47 animals – parrots, pythons, bears, monkeys, dogs.

    Принцессы цирка: самые бесстрашные укротительницы хищников

    “From my grandfather and parents I have learned a few rules of work with predators – continues to Julia. – First of all, never be aggressive, they feel it, and then who knows. Secondly, it is not necessary to allocate a pet, the rest will be jealous, and it’s bad at work. And thirdly, we should always remember that you’re dealing with animals, and to be alert, to figure out all the steps ahead. If we talk about who is easier to tame – a man or a predator, the only answer. Of course, the predator! They are more open and honest than men”.

    Scars do not decorate

    Cats trust Natalia Sherokolava to accept their birth, allowed to play with tails and even kissing. “I don’t like talking about injuries – says 32-year-old tamer. – Of course, despite a full understanding, there are abrasions, and scratches – each for me a great sadness. But I don’t think about the pain, and that it leaves a scar! Still they decorate only men, and the skin of the girl should be smooth and gentle. I have a rule: at least one day a month no one else, besides animals, – morning rounds I cancel can’t! Do yourself: massage, Spa, manicure, pedicure, cosmetics – all this I love”.

    Принцессы цирка: самые бесстрашные укротительницы хищников

    Natalia and her husband Andrew Shirokalova unique attraction: the arena at the same time overlook the tigers, black Panthers and leopards – these animals are absolutely incompatible in the wild. But spouse managed to do the impossible. Four years of rehearsals – and the room got eight victories at international festivals.

    Natalia has a pet leopard Aydar, the first predator, with whom she had entered the arena. He’s 17 years old, he is almost blind, does not act, but still travels with the troupe for all dates. “I am very afraid of losing one of my animals. They invested so much love, so much effort and labor. When it comes to the old age or incurable disease and you realise you are powerless, is unbearable pain.”


    Принцессы цирка: самые бесстрашные укротительницы хищников

    White dance

    Once, early in your career, Yulya Denisenko has entered the arena in a suit with a shiny skirt. “The clothes were moving in time with the movements, the bear was curious, and she tried to attack – says 48-year-old trainer. Dad hardly hit her from me, lucky there were no injuries, just scrapes and torn tights. But since the arena go out in a slinky dress. I first came to the circus in six months: parents brought to the rehearsal, then they played with trapeze artists. When I was six, mom and dad began to work with a mixed group of bears – brown, Himalayan and white”.

    Julia began training at the age of 17, three years were preparing the first issue is to start rehearsals with cubs, adults don’t listen to the new trainer. Now this fragile woman is controlled in the arena with the four females – You, Dora, with Button and Screen, each weighs about 320 kg.

    “I’m not tame animals, they know how to negotiate with them, compromise. Polar bears are considered to be unable to training, but father found a way. The secret is simple – love and attention. All the animals come to us from expeditions around the age of three months, abandoned by their parents. These babies still need care and upbringing. The day do not walk away from them. The first time we put on sweatshirts, cotton pants – bears tested, we may scratch or bite. One day, a bear, knop came up to me and bit his arm, rather painfully. I’m not confused and in response, flicked on the nose. And she clung to me. And in nature: when the baby grabs the bear, she can wipe his paw. I’m a good mom to my bears, for which I was often scolded dad: “Julia, well, not with the predators to breed “whoosh! whoosh!” And I’m a woman and no other way! Even though I’m happy with my life, daughters Valentina and Joanna don’t want. My husband and I never take them out on the road, so they are not “sick” circus”.

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