Русский бойфренд Линдси Лохан взялся ее перевоспитывать The scandal star is Dating 22-year-old businessman Yegor Tarasovym. Despite his youth, the young man heads up the estate Agency in London.

      Русский бойфренд Линдси Лохан взялся ее перевоспитывать

      Lindsey found himself on the pages of the tabloids almost daily. In her biography, it was all the alcohol, drugs, car accidents and theft, shady acquaintances, promiscuous, huge debts, arrests and jail. But last fall, 29-year-old actress has suddenly ceased to please the press scandalous antics. The assumption that she is under the ennobling influence of love, will not appear immediately. We didn’t have a steady boyfriend, and a short connection more often aggravated than solved her problem. However, over time journalists have linked good behavior with the ladies photographs of the same mystery man on her pages in social networks. In February, the identity of the young man who taught Lindsay to enjoy life sober, ceased to be a mystery.

      New beloved actress was 22-year-old former Russian Yegor Tarabanov, who, despite her young years, is headed by a real estate Agency in London.

      Star rentals

      Lovers ‘ first meeting occurred last fall in the British capital, where Lindsay moved from Los Angeles to play in the theater. In Hollywood she is no longer offered – many producers and Directors still believe in her talent, but the professional image of the girls is hopelessly flawed stories about hours-long delays, unlearned replicas, hysterics and the loss of props and wardrobe.

      According to another version, the actress has accepted the offer from London because I wanted to escape from debts. “She scored $100 thousand of the loan in different banks and owe $10 thousand the younger sister, not to mention unpaid bills for utility, legal and other services, say people familiar with its finances. – In Los Angeles remained of hotels and restaurants will agree to serve. Before leaving for Europe Lindsay borrowed another $14 thousand to rent a flat in London.”

      Of course, these ridiculous by her standards money instantly evaporated, and the theatre fees does not clear up. Lindsay began to earn money by hosting private and corporate parties – officially her new alter ego called “DJ hourly fee”. Most likely, one of these events and put her in touch with Mr. Tarasovym. They say they were introduced to each other share a mutual friend – an important person in the world of high fashion.

      In October Lindsay and Egor made his debut as a couple at the opening of the London restaurant Sexy Fish. And in December he went on Christmas in Los Angeles to personally introduce myself to family and friends favorite. “Yegor immediately has indicated that it expects a serious relationship,” he later told sources in an environment of the actress.

      Русский бойфренд Линдси Лохан взялся ее перевоспитывать

      You fisherwoman, I’m a fisherman

      Christmas holidays Greg and Lindsey spent in Costa Rica. Since the trip was paid by a gentleman, holiday entertainment gave a more masculine idea of an exciting vacation. Instead of getting drunk and dancing on tables at a local bar, actress rolled in the warm mud and fished in the open sea. Judging by the captions to the photos, both she liked it, although the fish was pathetic. “I don’t like to harm living beings, but I’m hungry,” wrote Lindsay under the picture of his catch.

      Then even the unidentified beloved actress appeared on almost all the vacation photos – in the dirt, on Board fishing boats and in a more intimate setting, where she pressed her cheek and lips-to-back half-naked Lindsey. But even if a man’s left overs, it was impossible not to notice that the prettier Lindsay glows with love.

      The first swallow

      After the beaches of Costa Rica Egor took a favorite at the prestigious Swiss ski resort Gstaad. Pictured with one of the local parties young Russian in immaculate tuxedo whispers something to her ear. “Lindsay was often associated with unworthy men, but this time she was lucky – friends say the actress. – Let Egor for a few years younger than her, but he’s Mature beyond his years man and successful businessman. In other words, the perfect boyfriend. She and Lindsay spend all the time together, Whitney soul in it not chaet. And he’s rich enough to take her to restaurants, to spoil you with expensive gifts and to take with itself in travel. Thanks to him, she looks peaceful, happy, smiles a lot”.

      However, the beneficial effects of the beloved instantly disappeared, as soon as Lindsay left his field of vision. Four months of sobriety in favour of the strict Egor had given her a hard time, and in January was followed by a logical breakdown. When the actress went to visit sister Ali in new York, two miss Lohan made a drunken scandal in the bar in Manhattan – due to the fact that a black bartender asked them to vacate the room, which they occupied for 20 minutes. Lindsay burst into an angry tirade on the topic of immigrants and spat in the face of the visitor who tried to reason with her. And when Ali drove on the street outside broke the glass with his fists.

      About a week after the incident, the actress has published in social networks photos of the deep scratches on her leg with the caption: “so ended all good. Girls, never change yourself for a man and not let him raise himself in hand”. After a few hours she deleted the post, leaving followers to wonder what had happened to her. But even if that Yegor too rapidly towards the first in the history of their relationship public, the scandal involving Lindsay, and she, as usual, did not give up without a fight, defeated still love.

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