Ксения Собчак покорила американских модных экспертов American fashion commentators were so inspired by the style of Ksenia Sobchak, that gave it a review. It was published on the website of one of the leading media for fashionistas all over the world under the leadership of Anna Wintour. Yes, we are talking about Vogue magazine.

      Recently in American Vogue magazine published an article about the Russian TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak the title of the material – “From the stars of the reality show to the authority in the fashion world: meet Ksenia Sobchak”. The publication was issued in the “street pics” where you can usually find pictures of people with different fashion weeks, and is usually really close to the world fashion industry, in other words, hangout. Bloggers, top models, makeup artists, stylists, photographers, designers – who just can not be found among the heroes of the column “street style”. And now for some time Ksenia Sobchak, too, was one of the fashion icons.

      Actually, this is not surprising – Sobchak is not indifferent to this movement. It can constantly be seen on the catwalks of Paris, Milan and other fashionable cities. She attends the presentation of new collections of the most famous brands: Gucci, Fendi to Burberry and Giambattista Valli. In addition, the “Instagram” Sobchak often share with subscribers images of their designer things.

      Many remember that in zero Ksenia paid to its appearance special attention. Then the TV host preferred necklines, high heels and a mini, loved to dress in bright pink color – in General, Sobchak of that period is difficult to forget. Someone came from the style diva in the excitement, someone that, on the contrary, it seemed bad taste, but indifferent to the host of popular reality was not.

      A photo posted by Ksenia Sobchak (@xenia_sobchak) Mar 1 2016 10:08 PST

      Since then, much has changed. So, Ksenia was not only leading, but also a journalist, social activist, chief editor. She married actor Maxim Vitorgan, and now it is not so often appears in revealing outfits as before. Modern Sobchak, as the American journalist, “witty, strong and she has good taste”. Its new style editor calls “a mix of different aesthetic designers”, from Russian, like Gosha Rubchinsky or Vika Gazinskaya, and ending foreign masters from fashion houses like Dior.

      A photo posted by Ksenia Sobchak (@xenia_sobchak) Feb 25 2016 12:24 PST

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