Принцесса Норвегии Марта Луиза подала на развод

Norwegian Princess Martha Louise announced the divorce from her husband Ari Ben after 14 years of marriage.

Принцесса Норвегии Марта Луиза подала на развод

Sad news came from the Royal Palace in Oslo: Princess Martha Louise (Martha Louise of Norway) officially divorces her husband, Norwegian writer Ari Mikael Ben (Ari Mikael Behn). In a dry and laconic speech the official website of the Royal family of 44-year-old Princess has confirmed the divorce and said that she and her husband “nothing else could do.” The reasons for the divorce are not specified.

“The last time we were separate from each other. Our marriage is over, but we stay together as parents of our children,” the Princess said in a statement.

Martha Louise and Ari Ben are raising three daughters — 13-year-old Maud Angelica, 11-year-old Leia Isador and 7-year-old Emma Talula. After divorce the former couple plan to share custody of them.

According to Princess, children — the most painful issue in this gap. “I feel guilty because I no longer can keep the family stronghold, which deserve our children. But we hope and believe that we will be able to maintain friendly relations in the future, no matter what”.

The king and Queen of Norway said that they want to keep a good relationship with Ari.

“We are happy that Ari has become part of our family and grateful for all that we experienced together. We want to keep good relations with him”.

Принцесса Норвегии Марта Луиза подала на развод

Princess Martha Louise and Ari Ben is not the first Royal couple who’s going through a divorce. In 1996 he held the divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana, but then it was a much anticipated event. In the center of the scandal was the affair of the Prince with longtime girlfriend Camilla Parker-Bowles (Camilla Parker Bowles), whom he married 8 years later after the tragic death of lady Diana. After the divorce, Princess Diana lost the right to be called Royal Highness, however, being the mother of heirs to the throne, Diana has continued to fulfill some responsibilities as a member of the Royal family.

Divorce also passed another couple from the British Royal family — Prince Andrew (Prince Andrew), the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth II and the Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson (Sarah Ferguson). The couple announced the breakup after 6 years after marriage and officially divorced in 4 years. The couple managed to maintain friendly relations, and she Ferguson said that they with the Prince — the happiest divorced couple in the world. Sarah Ferguson and Diana lost the right to be called Royal Highness. To keep the title of Duchess of York after her divorce, Sarah Ferguson decided not to marry again officially.

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