Мила Кунис боится нападения из-за обручального кольца
The actress does not risk to wear a jewel worth several hundred thousand dollars.

Mila Kunis

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Mila kunis admitted
finally, why isn’t she wearing her wedding ring. “I’m afraid for him
I cut off a finger, and even whole arm!” — said Mila. Fears of the actress, though seem excessive, yet have some basis. The fact that stunning
the beauty of the ring, which gave her Ashton Kutcher as a sign of engagement, held
in February 2014, a really flashy and expensive.

Kutcher gave
his bride jewel, decorated with diamond 5 carats, for which he
posted, as stated, not less than 260 thousand dollars. As well as a ring Mile
a little bit, pull it with your finger is not so easy. So
Kunis, so as not to tempt potential burglars, keeps his house — locked in
the secret jewelry box. And remove only when sent with Ashton on
another event where she will walk the red carpet.

However, this does not mean that Mila’s avoiding to wear
any symbols of marital fidelity. On her finger constantly flaunts
much more modest
a ring that Ashton put her finger on the wedding day in July 2015. His
wedding ring as recently told kunis, she bought herself — in the ordinary
the online store, but still at a discount. The fact that Mila had already decided that
it should be thin, but certainly platinum. The pursuit of such a in jewelry boutiques has shocked the Hollywood star: the prices seemed to her to be “astronomically high.” But the Network is economical, the actress quickly found what I needed, and
bought the ring for herself and Ashton on the action by paying for both just 180

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