Принцесса Монако Шарлотта Казираги разбила семью тульской модели

It seems a plot for a science fiction movie, but the fact remains: the Princess of Monaco Charlotte Casiraghi broke up the family model of Tula Novoselova Masha. Crowned person stole fashion models spouse producer Dmitry Rasama.

A few days ago lovers, a businessman and the Princess was caught in arms, and it was like that thirty years neither Charlotte nor her 35-year-old lover was not embarrassed by the fact that Dmitry is married to the mother of his only daughter Daria, Tula model Maria Novoselova.
Moreover, the edition of Marie Claire reports that the lovebirds already live together in the house of Casiraghi. By the way, Charlotte also has a child. In 2013, she had a child with French actor Gad Elmaleh. However, the child is not able to keep them together and the relationship soon ended. For the sake of the son of the former lovers kept a friendly relationship.