Pierre Narcisse was accused of alcoholism and brutal violence

Пьера Нарцисса обвинили в алкоголизме и жестоком насилии Singer of the hit “Chocolate Bunny” was at the center of the scandal. After a meeting with Pierre Narcissus radio host Marianne Suvorov was in the hospital. In turn, the artist’s wife not surprised by his betrayal. According to Valerie Kalachevo, the singer is no different exemplary behavior.

      Пьера Нарцисса обвинили в алкоголизме и жестоком насилии

      40-year-old ex-participant of “factory of stars” Dionne Warwick, singer of the hit “Chocolate Bunny”, is accused of several violent crimes. Radio host Marianne Suvorov claims that the actor raped her and beat her, and the wife of a celebrity Valerie Kalacheva outraged by the obscene, in her words, of her husband’s behaviour. The indignant woman turned to the police. Recently, Marianne and Valerie were guests of the program NTV “Talk show”. They talked about their claims to the Narcissus in a live TV show.

      According to Marianne Suvorova, at first nothing foretold troubles. The woman met with the charismatic artist, who began to give her attentions. Before leading agreed to spend the evening with him, Pierre Narcisse nicely cared for her for about a month. But that all changed in one moment. In that ill-fated day, as claimed by Suvorov, she was a victim of rape. She also claims that the singer raised her hand. Lawyer Suvorova says that she has all the evidence of guilt of a celebrity.

      “I was in so much pain because everything was absolutely wild. All I saw was a crumpled bed sheet and blood. He beat me because I screamed and called for help. He pinched my mouth and nose so I couldn’t breathe. I cried and begged him. He threw me somewhere rolled… I began to lose consciousness. This happened several times,” recalls the victim.
      Пьера Нарцисса обвинили в алкоголизме и жестоком насилии

      The wife of the performer, Valery Kalachev did not know that he decided to prefer her radio. According to the woman in their relationship and had not been going smoothly. Kalachev said that does not live with her husband for two years and is currently engaged in the divorce process. She said she was tired to endure the antics of the wife, interested in alcohol. In addition, Valerie told that Pierre can’t drink alcohol due to health problems. However, the star did not stop the strong recommendation of doctors.

      “He raised a hand to me. There were some very serious cases, once even came to the er. Looking at my face, one of the women from the ambulance cried. For the swelling my face has become like a giant frying pan. The same thing happened to my neck and ears,” shared Valerie.
      Пьера Нарцисса обвинили в алкоголизме и жестоком насилии

      A few weeks ago Kalacheva filed a statement to the police. The woman did not give the artist, who regularly abused alcohol, to see 11-year-old daughter Christina-Carolina. As a result, the Narcissus began to pursue his wife, then, being drunk, tried to kidnap the child.

      At the end of the program Kalacheva and Suvorov turned to the singer.

      “Well, Narcissus, got it? Until recently, I was with you, I’ve been forgiven. The doctors tried to persuade you not to drink. And every time you promised it to me. But you still drink… I can see your adventures, some of them I already know, I write from across the country. Taken my statements not teaching you anything, then get what they deserve,” said the wife of a star.

      In turn, the radio host expressed his joy over the fact that he no longer communicates with the artist. “We know each other for long, thank God… You’re hurting people who love you. You cause physical pain and suffering to people who don’t deserve it. You are out of control and pose a danger to society,” said Marianne.

      Пьера Нарцисса обвинили в алкоголизме и жестоком насилии