VIDEO: Quest Pistols staged a dangerous dance on the roof of the skyscraper

ВИДЕО: Quest Pistols устроили опасные танцы на крыше высотки
The band filmed the clip at the Israel Museum.

Shooting a new video, Quest Pistols Show Lyubimka
took place in Israel. According to the script the members of the group changed locations, from
the sea promenade Marina Tel Aviv Museum of modern art, traveling
the streets in Sunny weather, but because of sudden outbreak of rain, artists
was forced to remain in the frame in the most difficult conditions. However
the crew decided to stay in tel Aviv to finish the rest
material. According to QPS, the weather was favorable, because the next day
filming torrential rain replaced the sun.

“All our movements between locations always
accompanied shower, but after the command “Action!” he ended,
and while we were in the frame weather spoiled us with sunshine and warmth, —
shared musicians. — Apparently, she liked our dancing and music.”

One of the
major locations became the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the largest in the city.
The Museum itself is one large art object: —
a large area, fountains, a variety of gardens on different levels
separated from each other, to see who can through the transparent areas in
the floor.

the clip will appear in Marina Tel Aviv with a breathtaking
the view of the sunset. The artists also had a chance to dance on the edge of the roof where the fall from
the height of the seventh floor was separated by only one misstep.

was on the roof of the house, where stunning views of the old town, —
tell the soloists of the group. She was completely flat, without a single side
and when we danced at the edge, a strong wind picked up, which put under
a threat to our every move”.