Принцесса Беатрис и Эдоардо Моцци отменили торжество в честь помолвки из-за скандала вокруг отца невесты

Принцесса Беатрис и Эдоардо Моцци отменили торжество в честь помолвки из-за скандала вокруг отца невесты

There was something most feared by family and friends of Princess Beatrice. The future spouses have decided to cancel all the same party in honor of their engagement because of the Princess’s father, Prince Andrew, who is related to the sex scandal. Today the girl herself said about the cancellation of the event and explained the reason.

The event, which was planned in honor of the engagement of the young was scheduled for December 18. Was already invited all the members of the Royal family and a large number of celebrities, however, the celebration will take place. Beatrice explained that they with her future husband for a long time been thinking about the celebration, but at the moment they are afraid that near the entrance to the hotel (the venue of the party) like a lot of journalists and paparazzi, which guests will feel comfortable. They believe that the press will search among the invited Prince Andrew, and it would only ruin the mood and they invited people.

However, the cancellation does not mean that the event will not take place. The couple admitted that the engagement will be, just it will happen later, when the hard times for their family will be behind the scandal surrounding the father of the bride will subside and everything will fall into place.

It is worth Recalling that sex scandal with the middle son of Queen Elizabeth II occurred in August 2019. The case related to the American financier Jeffrey Epstein, who was found dead in one of the prisons of the United States. He was accused of forcing underage girls into prostitution. However, the court did not wait and killed herself in a prison cell.

After this, the US Federal court issued a document which has the list of people who have used the services of Epstein. This list includes Prince Andrew. In a recent interview with one of the victims of sexual violence Jeffrey Virginia told the press that he was in bondage from the age of 16, and one of its main customers was Prince Andrew.

After a certain time, the middle son of Queen Elizabeth II has completely removed himself from all Royal duties and abdicated. Buckingham Palace commented on the sex scandal associated with Prince Andrew.

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