Принцесса Анна отказывается приветствовать Дональда Трампа на приеме в НАТО

The Internet is raging over the subject of Anna after she refused to be among the cheering when 3 Dec Donald trump arrived at Buckingham Palace. However, Anna’s mother, Queen Elizabeth, was not happy about this — and it was all filmed on video.
Queen Elizabeth II hosted the leaders of countries from around the world in Buckingham Palace at the reception in honor of the 70th anniversary of NATO, which was attended by Donald trump and Melania trump. Queen Elizabeth II welcomed his guests in a reception line, and joined by her son Prince Charles and his wife Duchess Camilla. All three greeted the President and first lady, but at the time of the missing daughter of the Queen, Princess Anne, who stood by and did not come to greet trump.

Принцесса Анна отказывается приветствовать Дональда Трампа на приеме в НАТО
In the video on the entrance of Donald and Melania Queen Elizabeth gestures towards Anna so she immediately joined her, but Anna just turned away and refused! The Queen looked upset, but of course it had nothing to do at the moment. Apparently she refused to be a fly on the wall conversation then, all the same! Video of Princess Anne, ignoring Donald trump, quickly spread in social networks, and Twitter users flooded their feeds review, praising the Royal persons.
“Princess Anna, not knowing anything about trump, should make everyone smile,” wrote one person. Another added: “Who can blame Princess Anna that she’s laughing and wants to avoid the Donald trump?”, And someone else said, “Princess Anna, who owns the third season of “the Crown” and is now visiting the Palace, trump is definitely not the one I saw in 2019″.

However, some people also pointed out the ambiguity in respect of the compliments that gets Princess Anna, as they claimed that Meghan Markle would be severely criticized if she reacts the same. “You remember how Megan reproached for the fact that it is “too political”, and called the NASTY comments that she made in regards to trump, even before she became part of the Royal family? “I’m pretty sure that laughing at someone and refuse to greet him — is a political movement”. Another person said: “I remember how Megan was called all kinds of words, and those same people are praising Anna, because they had not visited the country trump”.

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