Найл Хоран отвечает по поводу слухов о том, что встречается с Селеной Гомес

Niall Horan spoke about the romance rumours surrounding him and Selena Gomez, and said, whether he’s single, when he gave on-air interview of 90.9 in Australia on 3 December.
26-year-old Irish singer Niall Horan said about his relationship status after much speculation that he could be more than a friend and buddy, 27-year-old Selena Gomez. Former member of the band One Direction appeared on radio Australia 90.9 3 December, which directly asked about romance rumors between him and pop singer known for the hit “Good For You”. “I have a girlfriend?” he asked, before letting the fans who surrounded him everywhere with bated breath and finally breathe a sigh of relief. “No, I don’t know”. For this you need to listen to the interview with Niall.

Найл Хоран отвечает по поводу слухов о том, что встречается с Селеной Гомес
The Irish hunk got into even more detailed details when he admitted that he was “very lonely, very lonely!” despite the fact that in many instances, showed love for Selene. From the fact that he hugged her during a video meeting in October before the publication of pictures of him with a huge is her face, before he called her “the absolute mistress of his heart and the sweetheart” in “the Social network”, he proved that he is still just a lot of respect for the brunette, and her insane beauty, but I guess they’re just friends.

Найл Хоран отвечает по поводу слухов о том, что встречается с Селеной Гомес
Niall continued to talk about how difficult to be friendly with women, especially being the center of attention, because it starts rumors, regardless of what the real situation. “It doesn’t matter if I meet somebody or are they just my friends, I meet them in the eyes of the media in the first place,” he explained. “This is the most annoying part of public life, isn’t it? You can’t even be friends with a woman at such a moment.

Despite the difficulties associated with fame and Dating, Niall admitted that he is currently focused on his career, but still be open to love, if he comes to this moment. “I’m focused on the job at the moment, but I mean not that I really fixated only on the job, but try my best to properly find her – this love won’t, either”, he said. “If it concerns you, it concerns you alone, and if something bothers you in the moment when you meet someone or something, then it’s fair to keep quiet and let the relationship evolve in your direction!”

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