Prince William: “upon Learning of her engagement to Harry, I sighed with relief!”

Принц Уильям:  «Узнав о помолвке Гарри, я вздохнул с облегчением!»
Grandson of the Queen explained why he was so delighted with the betrothal of his brother.

Prince William Kay Middleton and Prince Harry with Meghan Markle

“Katherine is very happy for Harry and Megan and wish them happiness! They come
a wonderful time, I wish them to enjoy the engagement and the wedding preparations.
I hope everything is going like clockwork!” said William, when it was
announced the betrothal of his younger brother.
“By the way, I personally have a special reason to rejoice that he is soon
will be a married man, and in his house there was a hostess. I hope now he
stop, finally, to carry food from my refrigerator in the Palace, than he
regularly been doing for the last two years!” laughing admitted William.

However, the engagement Harry was delighted not only his brother but also the entire Royal family. So, Catherine Duchess
said that she was excited to meet Meghan Markle, and the bride’s Harry she really
like. Harry’s Stepmother Camilla,
the Duchess Chornoliska said the news of the betrothal to Harry was the most joyful
news of all that she has learned lately. And Queen Elizabeth as
claim expressed his satisfaction over the fact that Harry now finally
finally calm down. And none of their family members don’t have more for him
blush, as it once was — at the time when the Prince was playing Billiards on
the strip and appeared in the press a photo of him
“what my mother gave birth”. Or when he came to the party dressed as,
just for fun, in a Nazi uniform…

Actually, all of Harry’s friends
sure that Megan has on Harry exclusively positive impact. Incidentally, for the sake of
she has abandoned her acting career after retiring from the show
“Force majeure”, where he played a major role — to be able to devote time to his new family. And besides, Megan left
and their charitable projects handled in the United States and Canada, in order to engage in a new in Britain — as a future member of the Royal

We recall that Megan will become the lawful wife of Harry soon. Yesterday was
announced that the wedding will take place in may 2018. Wedding, as it became known,
the wedding will be held in the chapel St.George’s Chapel, and the wedding Banquet will be held at Windsor castle.