Prince William promised to teach my son to use the phone

Принц Уильям пообещал научить сына пользоваться телефоном
William wants Prince George could call the emergency services.

Prince George

Photo: Instagram

Prince William presented awards to the winners of the national prize “Pride”, who showed bravery and courage in a variety of difficult circumstances, and talked with them. Among the winners, as usual, were very young children. For the Prince was impressed by the 4-year-old Susie, who won the award for saving his mother. The girl is not only called an ambulance on the phone, but was able to clearly explain to the doctors what happened, when she witnessed the woman lost consciousness and stopped breathing.

The Prince had a long conversation with the girl. Expressed his admiration and called her a “very brave girl”. And then suddenly told her he has no idea how would his own son George in such a situation. And promised Susie that now will certainly teach my son to use the phone, because he suspects that the young Prince to do it and still can’t. “I will come home and talk to George. Explain to him what to do, and talk about how important it is. After all, you saved your mother’s life, I want my children perform heroic deeds”. It seems that this idea has occurred to him is really impressed by the story girl.

Prince William, as you know, in April, will become a father for the third time. His wife, Duchess Catherine, is pregnant and, as was with her at the beginning of the two previous pregnancies, suffering from pathological toxicity. The Prince is very worried about Kate, but recently the wife has neglected bed regime prescribed by her doctors, and talked with the kids. Kate came to the children’s tennis sports center and played there in tennis. Kate and William have a lot of attention to their children — the Princess Charlotte and Prince George. Therefore, during his visit to the tennis center, wife of the eldest grandson of Queen Elizabeth II asked the coaches whether to start teaching 4-year-old George is her favorite game.