Anna Semenovich left the Swiss businessman

Анна Семенович ушла от швейцарского бизнесмена
The singer broke up with her lover.

Photo: Instagram

Personal life of Anna Semenovich has come again change. Almost two years ago, the singer delighted fans with the news that she was married. It was later revealed that the official Anna and her beloved relationships will not be issued simply considered themselves close friends. Rather, it was offering a civil marriage. They did not live together, as the chosen star was doing business in Switzerland, and she just often flew to him. Or both of them were out in the mountains or to the sea.

But, alas, the man who was lucky enough to be beloved mayor, was not ready for a more serious relationship. He did not dare to propose to her. When Anya realized that, without hesitation, she broke their Union.

“Indeed, some time ago I broke up with her boyfriend from Switzerland, — said Anna “KP”. — We have met, but on any serious steps he hesitated, proposals of marriage did not. And I’ve decided I’m not going to waste my time on a man who is not ready to do some more serious than just Dating. He had enough time to decide, but it is not defined, so I consider myself a completely free woman.”

Sobyanin told about the terrible scandal, who made two lovers in her men in Greece. The girl acted on the island of Crete and then stayed there to relax by the sea for a few days. A wealthy Greek, who was present at her concert, was blown away by the beauty and talent of the singer. Began to send her gorgeous bouquets in the room, and then invited on a sea voyage. Being a free woman, Anna agreed. However, went not alone but with a friend. And that day, suddenly she was visited by her Swiss ex-boyfriend. Men came to blows, as reported, but were talking in a raised voice. That was unacceptable according to the rules of the elite hotel where the singer stopped. The staff called the police, but fearing a fight. The incident was unpleasant, and S. once again realized that he had done the right thing parting with this man.