Prince Harry visited a normal supermarket in London

Принц Гарри посетил обычный супермаркет в Лондоне
The heir to the British Royal family bought eggs early in the morning.

Prince Harry

Photo: Splash News/East news

Early morning visitors normal supermarket in London were shocked: the shopping came the Prince Harry. The heir to the British Royal family to personally buy eggs at the checkout self-service.

In fact, the store is not far from Kensington Palace. Prince went for shopping accompanied by a bodyguard. However, employees of the supermarket claim that Prince Harry can meet them quite often.

The visitor, who happened to start their morning with this unexpected collision with the Prince, told The Sun that had already seen many celebrities, but the Prince saw for the first time. According to him, it seemed that Harry spent quite a fun sleepless night.

Meanwhile,the Brits are looking forward to new photos of Prince Harry in the Nude: he did not manage to get rid of a scandalous past.

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