Prince Harry revealed the secret, why is he still not married

Принц Гарри раскрыл секрет, почему он до сих пор не женился
The younger brother of William still dreams of the children.

Принц Гарри раскрыл секрет, почему он до сих пор не женился

Prince Harry

Photo: BarcroftMedia/TASS

Prince Harry
considered one of the most popular bachelors in the world. However, despite the fact,
last fall, he already turned 31, he still has not found its
the one chosen. Why? In an interview Prince gave to this question an unexpected answer. He said that his ability on the part of the search for the bride.
very limited!

“The truth
speaking, I have almost no possibility to lead a normal personal life. I don’t even
you can go to the pub to drink beer with buddies, I immediately begin to come
strangers asking to be photographed with me in memory. And if I
talk to some girl, then all at once I declare that this is my next
wife. On the other hand, I am very worried that any girl I
show at least some interest, immediately finds himself at the center of the press and listening
attacked by reporters. I’m starting to develop for this reason
real paranoia!” — complained the younger brother of Prince William.

“But if all the same in my life you see a girl,
I will do my best and even more so we can at least some
to spend time together in a relaxed environment, before they occur
the inevitable invasion of my privacy…” said the Prince.

In this case, as
confessed Harry, he has long been thinking about raising a family and children.
“I think my mom Diane would like to see me married and raising her
grandchildren…” confessed Harry. But then he added: “When I play with my children
friends, I think I’m ready to be a father. But as soon as they start
crying, I immediately get scared and beg me to pick them up!” So the Prince decided yet
limited to the role of a loving uncle of two adorable nephews — George and

Принц Гарри раскрыл секрет, почему он до сих пор не женился

Princess Charlotte

Photo: @kensingtonroyal (Kensington Palace Instagram)

Prince George

Photo: @kensingtonroyal (Kensington Palace Instagram)

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