Lazarev has recorded a video message to fans

Лазарев записал видеобращение к поклонникам

The singer thanked all those who supported him in the semifinals. Sergey Lazarev will perform in the second part of the finale on may 14.

How excited Russia was waiting for a room Lazarev in the semi-finals show! The representatives of the singer long time kept the secret about the costume, the scenery and the “feature” rooms. 11 may the Russian singer has performed in the semi-final of the popular contest and nailed it.

Razvolnovalis Sergey immediately after the announcement of the results of gratitude to fans on Instagram in two languages – Russian and English.

“Friends! Yeah! Uraaaaa! We are in the final! A huge thank you to all who have endured, supported in Russia, in Europe, all over the world! To everyone who wrote in social networks, called, sent SMS, vote! Your support inspires! Thank you! I am so happy! Ahead of the finals! I hope that you liked our song and number and you will support us again 14-th in the finals! Love you!” – thanked Sergei followers.

Recall that the hit “You Are the Only One” with whom Sergey Lazarev has acted, – the work of Philip Kirkorov and Greek composer Dimitris of Kontopoulos. They came to the competition together with Sergey in order to help him and support.

After the spectacular show Kirkorov together with Lazarev went for a toss.

Video posted by Sergey Lazarev (@lazarevsergey) 10 May 2016 at 5:32 PDT

“Press conference and draw for the winners of the first semifinal of “Eurovision 2016″! You can congratulate us – Serge pulled the part in the second part of the finale! Our song will sound for the second time on Saturday, 14.05.16”, said Philip fans.

Sweden had already in the sixth time became the mistress of the competition. But this year, about participation, said a record number of countries – 43. Although there is still several stages, many believe that Sergey is among the best artists in the contest “Eurovision 2016”.

Even before the world saw the room Sergey Lazarev, it was believed that he is the main favorite of the competition. Now, seeing and appreciating not only the song “You Are The Only One”, but the full picture, it’s safe to say that this is true.

By the way, in Europe highly appreciate the chances of Sergey Lazarev on the victory.

“Russia took the second place last year and was not completely satisfied with the results, writes The Telegraph. — This year they sent Sergei and approached the matter seriously. All these thunder and lightning – it was interesting. Whether they will win? Well, they have voices of their former republics. But we still more like the Netherlands.”

The UK Metro has released an article with the headline “Russia showed why they are favorites of “Eurovision”.

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