Принц Гарри планирует учиться в Йельском университете

Western media reported that after serving in the army, the heir to the British throne Prince Harry is thinking about studying in one of the most prestigious universities of Europe – Yale University.

If you believe the rumors roaming the campus of the University, Harry plans to go to law school. The students are thrilled with such news and look forward to the Prince in their ranks.
“In our campus do and say. Yale is willing to do anything to get Harry. That would be cool!” — the students speak.
But here in the Palace until the news about the second education Harry do not report or comment on that. The heir to the throne still too busy with his charitable projects. Today he is engaged in assistance to victims of earthquake, tomorrow is organizing the competition for war veterans with disabilities, after – helps African children. So where in this busy life to find time for science?

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