СМИ: Адель вышла замуж

Adele in life has everything you could wish for. She is a successful singer of international renown, but much more important achievement is that she is a loving mother and a beloved woman in her boyfriend Simon Konecki.

In the relationship the couple has for about five years. During this time the couple was born the son of angel, but to tie the knot Adele and Simon hesitated. Now, according to insiders, the situation has changed. Evidence that the singer of the hit Hello married steel ring on the ring finger of his left hand.

Now there flaunts engagement and wedding rings. The representative Adele to comment on the speculation refused, but insiders revealed to the publication Heat: “Their engagement took place on Christmas eve, it was a very unexpected moment. They rested at home. Adele burst into tears, and then joked that it was the most glamorous proposal of marriage in the world, but it all happened as she had dreamed. She is very happy.”

Svestka the reviewers also suggest that the wedding of Adele and Simon also said the innovation, which has become an integral part of concerts of the singer.

Lately she often invites to the stage lovers who want to propose of marriage to their halves. For example, the other day at a concert in London. When singing Make You Feel My Love, she noticed one of the spectators near the stage got down on one knee and made his girlfriend a proposal. Adele shouted, “someone just held the engagement! Come on get on the scene”. Once on the stage, the couple told that this song was special for them, and they were together 12 years and are raising a son.

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