Сына убитой Александры Завьяловой могут признать невменяемым Peter Zavyalov has a chance to be justified. In early February, he admitted that he stabbed his own mother. Neighbors with his own money hired men to lawyer.

      Сына убитой Александры Завьяловой могут признать невменяемым

      In early February the public stirred from scary stories: a famous actress Alexandra Zavyalova died at the hands of his own son. Not having lived a few days before the 80th anniversary of the artist died in his apartment. Son Peter did not hide and deny guilt. According to relatives, he called his sister and told about what was done. Despite the fact that the son Zavyalova pleaded guilty, the investigation continues – appointed medical-psychological examination can clarify whether there was Peter at the time of the crime adequate or not he gave an account of his actions.

      “According to preliminary data, at the time of the offence Peter was insane,” said the source.

      Also the version that Peter could kill the mother, when he was in strong alcoholic intoxication. And the fact that he called my sister and told about the incident, explain how the sudden sobering up because of the shock. If Peter still declared insane, then it can justify.

      I must say that the neighbors of Peter and Alexandra Semyonovna does not believe that the son of a famous artist could commit a crime. They even decided to hire him a lawyer with his own money and signed a petition to the court, where he pointed out that a man could not commit a premeditated murder of the mother. “Personally, I know Zavyalova many years. Saw it sober, and drunk, sat with him at the table, but absolutely don’t remember him aggressive. And although it was very hard to live with her sick mother, he loved her,” said one neighbour of the family Zavialova.

      Moreover, the residents of the house were told that sister Tatiana has issued donative on the apartment where he lived with my mother and brother. Although, the grandson of the actress talked about the fact that the last time grandma was mentally healthy. But the daughter of actress claims that it was made in good faith Alexandra Semyonovna, who was sure that she would not be leaving Peter homeless.

      “Mother 10 years ago wrote me this apartment. And it was done primarily to Peter was not injured. His friends-drinking companions could and to drink, and hangout there to arrange, and just kill him due to housing. If the apartment was on him, after mom died, he just would have stayed on the street,” said daughter Zavyalova “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

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