Принц Гарри невольно стал участником фотобомбы The heir of the Royal family is known for a great sense of humor. The other day, along with his brother William they attended the Audi Polo Challenge, which took place in London. The twisted grimace Harry got a selfie on the canadian model Winnie Harlow. This act of the young man instantly turned an ordinary snapshot into a photobomb.

      Принц Гарри невольно стал участником фотобомбы

      Prince Harry is known for his sense of humor. The heir to the British throne, is not afraid to seem ridiculous in public. On the day Harry and William attended the Audi Polo Challenge, which took place in London. At the reception guests came from all over the world. Canadian model Winnie Harlow also appeared in lists of those wishing to see a new presentation of the automaker.

      The girl, who suffers the disease “vitiligo” which is a violation of skin pigmentation, tried to take a picture of himself sitting next to agent. One frame came out very good, but behind the picture shows Harry and William. Making another attempt to get a selfie, Winnie received a very unexpected image. In the pictures between her and the agent is seen as the grandson of Elizabeth II tongue out.

      “That feeling when you’re trying to make a serious picture, and your agent and Prince Harry did not want to be serious. The photobomb!” – has signed a frame in his microblog Harlow.
      Принц Гарри невольно стал участником фотобомбы

      Fans of the model joked about the resulting image. Someone advised her to keep this picture forever, hiding in a box. Others called for the British to choose Harry king. Some people unflattering comments about skin color Harlow, but she no longer pays attention to such comments.

      “The only person in the world that can make you feel ugly – is you. You should not allow society to diminish your self-esteem. You have to love yourself before you love someone else”, – this opinion is shared by Vinny. Despite your disadvantage, she was able to become a model, to pose for the advertising companies of such brands as Desigual.

      By the way, Prince Harry was always interested in models. The representative of the Royal family not once struck up relationships with spectacular models. However, none of them were able to be with a young man for a long time. Harry has repeatedly said he wants a family, but have not yet met my beloved.

      “In my life there were moments when I thought: “I wish I now had children” and there were times when I hid my head in the sand – “Well, you do not need any children.” I’m in no hurry in this matter, but I can say with certainty: one day, I’ll get father,” said Harry in an interview.

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