Джонни Депп намерен аннулировать брак с Эмбер Херд и избежать раздела имущества

Since filing for divorce amber heard and it took another week and a serious struggle between the spouses, involved in the scandal, have already begun.

The young wife of the executor of a role of Jack “the Sparrow” has already managed to accuse her husband of domestic violence, however, in the words of the actress of dubious talent is that no one believes.

Now, when she’s a little destabilized his “enemy”, Hurd intends to sue the husband half of his fortune, estimated at several hundred million dollars.

But, for every force there is a reaction. This and decided to take advantage of Depp.

According to the statements of insiders, to give his wife a divorce johnny is not going to.

Now he plans to implement the move, which amber is hardly expected – the actor wants to annul the marriage.

Annulment differs from divorce because in the first case the marriage is invalid and does not entail legal consequences (including the payment of alimony and compensation). However, for cancellation by certain circumstances, such as concealment of previous marriage, the impossibility of performance of marital obligations by one of the partners, etc.

By the way, such circumstances have amber there.

Recently it became clear that for several years before Depp, the actress was in a relationship with artist Tasya van REE. They say that the girls were even painted. This is also evidenced by the fact that amber changed in the passport with the name “Hurd”, “van Ri.

The process of divorce Depp is one of the most experienced US attorneys Laura Wasser, who believes that the actor has a good chance to fend off claims heard.

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