Валерия Гай Германика стирает память об экс-супруге The star decided to start a new life. She plans to leave a former lover in the past. So Germanicus makes a tattoo with the name of Vadim Lyubushkina. In recognition of Valerie, it is very unpleasant procedure, but overall tolerable.

      Валерия Гай Германика стирает память об экс-супруге

      32-year-old Director Valeria Gai Germanika, has recently become a mother for the second time, I decided to start a new life. To do this, the woman decided to get rid of everything that reminds her of her past, particularly about her failed marriage to dancer Vadim Lyubushkin.

      Pregnant Valeria Gai Germanicus left her husband

      Once Valeria made a tattoo on his arm with his initials, and now she decided to get rid of her, to forget about a former lover. With this purpose, Germanicus went to a medical clinic. According to celebrity, to bring the perforated design on the body is very painful, but if it is small, it is still possible to suffer. Below her hand was the same as prior to the application named by V. Lyubushkina, Germanicus takes a few sessions.

      “Beginning to make a tattoo. All who are interested — to reduce pain, of course, but this small amount is tolerable. I’m gonna need about seven sessions. Tattoo more, of course, have no idea how to drive, but what such retribution. Who brought tattoo? What have the results? Interesnenko,” shared the star in his Instagram.
      Валерия Гай Германика стирает память об экс-супруге

      Fans of Germanicus had shared his experience of the attention of tattoos. “Take my Yin-Yang on my ankle. The main thing — to choose the right clinic. I have had two massages, highly soluble blue dye, the red is not very. Overall it became like a huge bruise on his leg,” wrote one of podeschi Valeria. Other fans of the Director and wished her good luck.

      Recall that the dancer Vadim Lyubushkin is the father of Severina, who was born in late April of this year. Germanicus filed for divorce with the dad of their child before birth. According to Valerie, he was not quite a decent person. “StarHit” first learned about it from one of her friends celebrity Anastasia Ignatova. She told me that Lyubushkin constantly lied to his wife. The last straw was the fact that Vadim went to America for his ex-wife, but Valerie said that traveling to visit relatives in Omsk.

      Valeria Gai germanica withdrew from the decree

      Despite the bad experience of marriage, Valerie is not upset about what happened. She is optimistic about the future and believes that her daughter should be happy in any case. In his interview with Germanicus said that it was happy to enter into a new life with a second child. She also plans to stay long in the decree. In the near future Valeria is going to start active work on a new project.

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