Prince Harry has confessed his love to another woman

Принц Гарри признался в любви другой женщине
Harry and Meghan Markle spent the weekend apart.

Prince Harry during a visit to Saint Vincent

Photo: @kensingtonroyal Instagram Kensington Palace

Prince Harry, who is currently
makes a tour of the countries of the Caribbean region, surprised the inhabitants of the island of St. Vincent. During a meeting with the local inhabitants he
allowed myself puzzled by all the statement. This was reported by British newspaper the Sun.

When Harry talked with the crowd around him women, one
of them ventured to appeal to a younger brother of Prince William with unexpected
statement. “I just love it!” she said. To Harry, to everyone
surprise replied, “And I love you!” Apparently, the Prince responded
in this way only out of politeness. But the lady – her name is Avis Collis — came as a result of your exchange
replicas Harry to very different conclusions. “I can’t believe that the Prince
loves me! But he said it with witnesses! And although I’m 54 years old, I’m still in
great shape and absolutely free!” she said the representative of the local

As for Harry, he hadn’t seen the girl in
he is really in love — that is Meghan Markle — about two
weeks. They even “big weekend”, that is, the celebration of Thanksgiving
spent apart. Megan used the weekend to hang out with my family
she had not seen due to the intense filming of another season of the series
“Force majeure”, where she plays one of main roles. And Harry even on holidays
was busy performing his duties as member of the Royal family, that is
by the end of the official tour. But very soon they, apparently, see
again. In any case, according to the reporters of the British press, at the end
visit Harry intends to go with Megan on a romantic trip. Where
it is not reported — for reasons of security.