Anzhelika Varum has made an unexpected confession

Анжелика Варум сделала неожиданное признание
The singer told about his childhood cherished dream.

Anzhelika Varum with mom

Photo: @avarum Instagram Angelika Varum

Kids love to fantasize about what their future will be: one of them dreams of becoming an astronaut or a policeman, someone who poses as will become President of the country. But Angelika Varum when I was very little and dreamt to live… in a phone booth. This sudden recognition of the singer made in his microblog.

“As a child my big dream was to live in a phone booth (probably because I was influenced by the authority of Cheburashka). The benefits are clear! First- incomparably smaller area for General cleaning, which, as the war was declared my mum about once a month and that entailed a painful parsing of the “creative clutter” in my nightstand and a closet. Secondly, the presence in the dwelling is incredible at that time luxury — a private telephone! The years have passed. The phone in my pocket, I still prefer small spaces big and more comfortable feel in the company, is located in the kitchen!” — said Angelica.

However, fans noticed in the comments that the 47-year-old Varum is a little disingenuous. After all, a country couple’s home in the suburbs, as well as apartments in Moscow and Miami definitely cannot be called small in size.