Принц Чарльз поссорился с сестрой, принцессой Анной из-за ГМО

Different views on certain things can embroil even the closest people. So, for example, occurred in the British Royal family. Prince Charles refused to continue talking with her younger sister Princess Anna because of her recent speeches regarding the products with GMO (genetically modificirovannaja organisms).

A BBC interview daughter of the current Queen said he believes GMOs straw, through which you can raise the agriculture of the country: “GMO is one of those controversial topics that makes people desperate to argue but of course, if we want to have the right products, it must be recognized that genetic technology is inevitable. They have their advantages, I am convinced.”

After learning about the performance of Anna on the topic of GMOs, Charles flew into a rage. The Prince who is the official patron of the Land of the Association, for almost 20 years says about the dangers of GMOs, and even calls this phenomenon the “seeds of disaster”. Charles warns the world from the use of these technologies because it believes it is the beginning of the end.

No matter how opposed to Charles, according to Anna is a lot of support among the farmers and business.

Let’s see who is right.