Ukraine can be deprived of “Eurovision” because of Yulia Samoilova

Украину могут лишить «Евровидения» из-за Юлии Самойловой

Two of the hottest stories of the last days the murder of the husband of Maria Maksakova and a ban on entry to Ukraine of Yulia Samoilova, who was supposed to represent Russia at the contest “Eurovision-2017”. If in the first case to find answers to many questions while it is impossible, then the second – the situation can be resolved in the near future.

Today it became known that Ukraine may lose the right to host the European music contest because of the situation with Samoilova.

This is despite the fact that before the start of the 62-th contest “Eurovision” only a little more than a month.

“I deeply regret that “Eurovision” is used to political games of power. Eurovision should please millions of people and unite them, not to use in order to ignite political scandals and send them against each other,” in an interview with Swiss newspaper Blick said the General Director of the European broadcasting Union in Geneva Ingrid Deltenre, adding that the decision of the Ukrainian authorities was “absolutely unacceptable”.

In addition, Deltenre noted that all what is happening this year from Eurovision hits to his image, which in the future will be difficult to recover.

Previously, Natalia Vodianova collects signatures for the admission Samoilova to “Eurovision”.