George Clooney wants to name children in honor of your favorite drink

Джордж Клуни хочет назвать детей в честь любимого напитка

This summer, Amal and George Clooney to become parents. The pair will have a double joy, because they have to be born from two baby. To the emergence of successors to light the Hollywood hunk Clooney prepares responsibly and even jokes that swaddle he has already been taught, because he will easily cope with this task if required.

By the way, answering the question about the diapers, 55-year-old George could not make a joke about their late fatherhood and said that the birth of children “diapers will be an important part of not only them, but probably my life.”

At the moment, says George, it develops by itself. Kids grow up, but because before him and his wife Amal stood up question about the choice of names. A sense of humor did not leave the actor in this situation. Clooney admitted that he seriously thought that children bore the names, repeating the name of his beloved, they produced a drink — tequila Casamigos. But the wife, the idea was rejected: “She said I can’t call them Casa and Amigo. It’s the only thing she told me not to”.

By the way, the Amal at the moment, feels good. George in that it actively promotes: “It feels great, just amazing! said the actor. I would be glad to her something to help her, but she asks nothing. However, I’m making tea and all that other stuff”.