Похорошевшая Лолита показала результат пластики The singer frankly told about why decided to go to a well-known surgeon. According to Lolita Milavskaya, medical intervention lasted several hours, but it was worth it. The actress also told about how it saved her husband, who became a member of the sect.

      Похорошевшая Лолита показала результат пластики

      Fans love the lolita Milyavskaya for sincerity and the ability to speak openly about the challenges she faces. Recently, the actress became the guest of the program “live”. During the broadcast she talked about how she changed her appearance, but also about the fight for her beloved husband. We will remind, earlier in a press there was an information that the spouse star Dmitry Ivanov came under the influence of sectarians.

      According to Lolita, she decided to turn to longtime friend Andrew Iskornev. Plastic surgeon corrected the face of the star.

      “I have changed my chin. Of course, to attract the attention of the audience can say that I did it for my husband. Actually, I decided on the transformation for the operators that became inconvenient to remove my profile. Now I can shoot from all sides. I, first, ‘ 53, and, secondly, the muscles fall off the singing alive… Plastic surgeon and my great friend Andrew iskornev called me a month before the New year and said “Listen, Palladium, climbs. Climbs into the air. Let’s cut”. The operation lasted six hours under General anesthesia,” admitted the actress.
      Похорошевшая Лолита показала результат пластики

      The performer then openly commented on the recent scandal involving her husband. Star and could not think that Dmytro Ivanov will become a victim of the cultists. Lolita sounded the alarm when the man disappeared, and ceased to answer her. The artist reported that the Moscow training center Ivanova advised his friend. Then Dmitri was in a state of extreme stress, caused by a knee injury, and was preparing to say goodbye to the career. Fearing for his future, he decided to enroll in personal growth.

      Lolita has hired the husband of a psychologist

      Noticing the suspicious behavior of a spouse, star raised the alarm. “He was a completely detached person. The husband gestured unnaturally, he had a huge crazy eyes. He saw a man who came to me for work he said, “You have to go with me,” shared Lo.

      Похорошевшая Лолита показала результат пластики

      The singer told that her choice turned into a zombie. “When I started swearing to say, I got one: my husband moved” – frankly admitted it. Courses for which her husband gave more than 70 thousand rubles, Lolita finds destructive.

      According to Lolita, trainees are forced to walk in strange costumes in public areas. In addition, the children are divided into groups and told to undress. Artist outraged by such practices, and intends to seek to ban them.

      Then joined the conversation the husband of Lolita Milavskaya Dmitry Ivanov. “I fell out of sports movement, for me it was a huge shock” – with these words the man explained his interest in the training. According to Dmitry, the sessions were attended by about 150 people. Ivanov obeyed the herd instinct and unquestioningly follow the directions of teachers, which required, for example, to visualize your funeral.

      Lolita’m sure the wife was saved by a lucky chance. “I was just lucky. Willpower, by the fact that I was attracted to mates and acquaintances psychologists. And I did” – Frank told her. Dmitry Ivanov said that his wife was very insistent. “She clung to my teeth and said, “let’s see what happens,” said the man.

      Похорошевшая Лолита показала результат пластики