Singer Slava got into an altercation with Andrew razygraevym

Певица Слава поскандалила с Андреем Разыграевым The conflict between artist and broadcaster gaining momentum. Andrey Razygraev was outraged by the behavior of celebrities, which is intended to hold interviews. Singer Slava told his version of what happened.

      Певица Слава поскандалила с Андреем Разыграевым
      Певица Слава поскандалила с Андреем Разыграевым

      Recently a leading TV channel “Muz TV” Andrey Razygraev decided to enlighten his followers regarding the behavior of some celebrities. He accused the well-known singer that her temper snapped shooting, training which lasted a week. The presenter was offended that a celebrity has shown disrespect for the work of a large team. However, Razygraev did not mention the name of the artist, but it is very outlined in detail all that took place that night.

      “Speaking at the scene, “star”, instead of to go to is planned and coordinated the shoot, staged a baseless tantrum, swear, insults were thrown out of the dressing room staff of the channel, and then, sending everything and everyone together, hurried off with a sound grip on the train stinking of booze…” – said the presenter to his followers.

      Probably nobody but her crew would never have learned about who, exactly, says the broadcaster. However, after a couple of days but seeing an angry message Razygraeva, decided to tell fans of his version of the incident. She was shocked by the baseless claims of men. Moreover, the actress accused him of indiscretion, that he allowed himself to show during her performances.

      “I was absolutely sober! But very tired and warned the team, “Muz TV” that I would not give an interview to the channel at the beginning, as the banks power for performance, and then an interview with Andrew! During our performance on the song “Loneliness”, where suddenly two leading run out and literally start a very ugly sneer behind our backs, and on the stage, which with a height of two meters. Girls, ballet, do not see. Everything is happening behind their backs. One awkward movement and Alla just fell down!” – told the singer the Glory about the events of that day.

      The actress also noticed that during his speech, company presenters laughed and as the Glory appeared to discuss her performance. The singer was not myself from this attitude of journalists, so once off the stage she went into the dressing room, where he burst into tears of resentment and feelings for their own team. The celebrity was upset, and therefore asked the broadcaster to postpone the interview.

      “I even apologized then to Andrew that tore the air about what really now regret!” – said Slava.

      Followers of the singer and TV presenter was divided into two camps – one supported Razygraeva said that the actress failed a lot of people, which were prepared in an interview. Others felt that the Glory was quite right, and such behavior of the journalist is unacceptable. Some began to insult Andrew, then he had to stand up to the peer, Lera Kudryavtseva.

      “And you know him personally, to write this? – turned TV presenter in the comments under the post of Glory. – Do you know what the preparation for the survey and how many people, equipment and so on, what damages are the responsibility of the team? Do not dare to touch Razygraeva did not know the man personally!”