Муж Виктории Бони после расставания оставил ее ни с чем The friends star and her ex-man revealed the true reason for their breakup. According to the environment of the pair, the problem began more than a year ago, but the Victoria Bonya chose to hide it from the public and tried to save the relationship.

      Муж Виктории Бони после расставания оставил ее ни с чем

      The star’s Instagram and TV presenter last week, finally acknowledged the break with the civil husband, the son of an Irish millionaire Alex Servicom. Disorder, according to Boni, happened six months ago. However, friends of the couple called “StarHit” another term.

      “They have all gone not even a year and a half ago, says colleague Victoria Allen. – He is indecisive, and Vick needed someone who would tell her: “You’re my forever.”

      According to rumors, to end 6-year relationship was offered by Them – she wanted to find true love, to move on, and married life with Alex has long been transformed into friendship. After loud statements of Smurfit immediately photographed with a new girlfriend, which, oddly enough, very similar to Victoria. Maybe it is because of this star, and dyed her hair blonde?

      Victoria Bonia left father and daughter

      Over the years, along houses in Europe, cottages on the ruble, yachts and aircraft Smurfit Beaune are not presented. However, after breaking up Alex generously helps Victoria tied her Bank card to the account, which regularly adds to.

      Муж Виктории Бони после расставания оставил ее ни с чем“The Wiki has no financial problems. And in the family mansion near Monaco mother of a precious granddaughter welcomed with open arms, continues Alain. But she still didn’t give up runs very much. In one Instagram advertising it is 150 thousand rubles per post. She makes them three to four per week, but not anymore. Trying not to clog the ribbon. And those things are not to her liking, of course, eventually agrees, but can raise the price tag up to 300 thousand! So she has all the chances to soon change his Moscow apartment on Mozhaisk highway, bought in 2003, something more pathetic in the center.”

      Bonia is now in great demand: her name is to work in the United States, United Arab Emirates, propose projects in Russia. Recently, she flew to Dubai to shoot for the clothing collection Russian boutique and, after spending several days under palm trees, has already received orders from advertisers – PR night club and a network of hire of expensive cars.