Похорошевшая Алина Кабаева произвела фурор на мероприятии Olympic champion and state Duma Deputy for the first time publicly released after a long break. Together with Alina Alexei Nemov supported her friend with children. Guests of the evening noted that Kabaeva is in great shape. On her finger also noticed a wedding ring.

      Похорошевшая Алина Кабаева произвела фурор на мероприятии

      33-year-old Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics and politician Alina Kabayeva first came to light after a long break. She decided to visit the show of Nemova Alexea “Legends of sport”. The young woman made her friend with children. It should be noted that Kabaeva looked terrific. Environment noticed that she’s got a lot of postrhinal and chose a stylish outfit. On Kabaeva was wearing a black dress decorated with gold embroidery, paired with white coat in a classic style.

      Radiantly smiling Alina Kabaeva were photographed with visitors DS “Megasport” and athletes who took part in the show. The attention of those present noticed the engagement ring on the finger of a star. They also noticed that celebrity something, commented one of the boys who came along with her and her friend. At intermission Kabaeva asked Yevgeny Plushenko and Alexei Nemov take a picture with the child, according to the journalists.

      At the event, Alexei Nemov, was also attended by Evgeni Plushenko, Polina Kitsenko, albert Demchenko, Alexander Moskalenko and Maria Kiseleva. The project is a four-time Olympic champion is the theatrical and spectacular performances of art and sports gymnastics. In addition, the guests saw the trampoline. On the stage were such famous athletes as Laysan utiasheva and Svetlana Khorkina, the audience greeted them with applause. “Thank you Alexei Nemov for this amazing opportunity for all of us to see, speak and remember everything,” wrote utiasheva in his Instagram.

      It is worth noting that the appearance of Laysan Utyasheva on stage became her first in many years. Once the athlete has decided to retire, she’s not appeared in the past ten years. She told the journalists that he was very nervous, but she could overcome. To support the celebrity came her husband, a resident of Comedy Club Pavel Volya. “It’s a great feeling when you’re sitting among the spectators in a huge stadium, and your beloved dancing just for you! Love, pride, fan”, — such opinion about the show Nemov showman wrote in his Instagram.