Выборы-2016: как голосовали звезды и политики 18 September – a single day of voting. Many politicians and stars of domestic show-business have preferred to go to the polls and vote in favor of the one who, in their opinion, most deserves to make the party in the State Duma. Opinions about the benefits of voting and how promising parliamentary elections, have dispersed.

      Alla Pugacheva and her husband Maxim Galkin visited the polling station in Zvenigorod, Moscow region. While throwing their ballots in the ballot box diva domestic platform has said that it expects the election change in favor of the medical workers, she wishes everybody to have a decent salary and hopes that our youth will have the opportunity to live and develop in his native country. Leonid Ermalink decided to keep the early morning and managed to put a check mark under the desired candidate. Voted artist in the village of Barvikha, Odintsovo district, because, in his own words, already 26 years old lives there.

      Nonna Grishaeva also took part in the elections and confirmed that the photo in Instagram. So did the soloists of group “on-On”, believing it necessary to attend to important for Russia vote. His citizenship has decided to show producer Joseph Prigogine and singer Valeria. They went on izbiratelniy area, which is located on Krylatsky Hills. Prigogine in his microblog in response to the question for whom he voted, did not name specific names, but nemnogosloven admitted that they came to the polls for stability.

      In addition to the artists on the elections in the polling stations arrived prize-winners of the Olympic Games Svetlana Zhurova, Irina Slutskaya. Svetlana went to vote in Berngardovka that in the Leningrad region, and Irina gave the vote in the suburban section No. 2476. Recall that Zhurova is the Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly, and Slutskaya announced his candidacy this year from Pushkin constituency No. 17. In the spring of this year she claimed to have taken such a step, because it is important for the fate of the city and the problems faced by society, and care about her in particular.

      The presence of pop stars and sports among the deputies of the Supreme legislative body is the usual practice. A striking confirmation of the words is the work of Joseph Kobzon, Nikolai Valuev and Maria Kozhevnikova, which this time stands from the Vologda region. On his page in Instagram actress posted pictures from the vote. The celebrity also told his followers the story of how after the election approached her grandfather and expressed his personal gratitude for the participation in the film “the Battalion”. In recognition of Mary, it seemed the perfect way to end a busy day. Maria Kozhevnikova is preparing for separation from family.

      Politicians were no exception and also have devoted today to the election. Among those who voted was the first person in the country – Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev with his wife. Putin voted at the Russian Academy of Sciences. Like all the members voting, he produced his passport, received a ballot, went into a stall and then dropped the electoral list in COHIBA. Journalists took the opportunity to quiz the head of the country about the choice.

      “I have for whom to vote. Don’t you know?” – said Putin.

      Russian celebrities are photos from the event, arrange discussions in social networks and all trying to instill a sense grazhdannskoy debt, as did TV presenter Vladimir Pozner. On Instagram he asked everyone to go to the polls because it is the duty of every Russian, regardless of his preferences, the approval or rejection of the current government.

      “I believe that to participate in elections is a civic duty. However, I believe that if there are no candidates for whom the person is ready to vote, he can cross out all and throw in the ballot box”

      Despite the seriousness of the event, the day was not without jokes. In the microblog of the TV show “Evening Urgant” there was a picture that simulates election poster, which depicted a former mentor of “the Voice” Alexander Gradsky. In the comments under the post it appears that the absence of the Maestro in the jury due to the fact that he is running for the State Duma. “Evening Urgant” urged all subscribers to go to the polls and give him a voice. For “Voices”: the sacrificed teachers, to be on the project.